More Wind Turbines on Rooley Moor

posted 7 Apr 2014, 11:32 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 4 Jun 2017, 01:15 ]
Both Coronation Power and Peel Holdings will be submitting plans for more wind turbines up on the moors above Rochdale. Coronation Power intend placing turbines in the close proximity to the National Trail, Mary Townley Loop. To try and keep all interested parties appraised of developments Prickshaw & Broadley Fold Conservation Area Association has recently been set up to highlight the conservation area and keep people informed of the proposed wind farm development on Rooley Moor.
This development will have a massive negative impact on the bridleways over Rooley Moor and we believe presents a very real danger to riders wishing to use the moor. The Coronation Power plans that are currently thought to be being submitted are to put 17 windmills on Rooley Moor.  Apart from the National Bridleway which runs up the middle of Rooley Moor there are numerous tracks which have been ridden for years which may become inaccessible if a windfarm is built here.  Another big issue is the disruption which will be caused by Rooley Moor Road being the main access route for the wagons and other vehicles and machinery relating to the windfarm.

Prickshaw & Broadley Fold Conservation Area Association's website address is It will also allow people to keep updated with any communication they have with the developers.
Rochdale & Bury Bridleways will be sending letters on the subject to various stakeholders but it is important that any one who feels they will be affected and want their voices heard to submit their own individual letters.
If you are interested please keep your eyes on both our website and the Prickshaw & Broadley Fold Conservation Area Association websites.