Inconsiderate Behaviour - Request to bear in mind other

posted 20 Dec 2014, 04:07 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 4 Jun 2017, 01:11 ]
We have been approached by the occupier of Black Dadds Farm regarding inconsiderate riding behaviours through his forecourt and along his grass verge. We are working very closely with him to try and reach amicable solutions and will be erecting additional signs pointing out that the grass verge is a concessionary arrangement available for riding along at a walk when the ground is not saturated. He has already erected signs requesting that riders keep to the Bridlepath (ie the road) but by close working we are hopeful that when the weather is dry and the tarmac becomes slippy to horses that we continue to have the concession of being able to ride on the grass thus avoiding slipping. 
On Saturday the 20th December the behavior of a young girl on a skewbald pony has jeopardised our progress. She approached the farm from Nabbs wife and proceeded to gallop right past the front of his house (despite it being a tarmac parking area) and then up the grass verge towards Dairy House Farm. The damage to the grass verge is shown below and I think you will all agree is unacceptable. His wife is very fearful for the safety of their young grandchild who could quite easily have been out in the forecourt and could have become trampled. When they eventually caught up with the individual on School Lane there was no apology or acknowledgement that they had done anything wrong which does not put horse riders in a good light. Luckily through our dialogue he appreciates that these people are exceptions rather than representative of the entire equine community.

Please can you continue to respect the other users of bridlepaths and landowners and encourage non members to respect them as well. Should this sort of behavior continue then the occupier is seriously considering adding additional gates to the route to attempt to slow down the pace. This obviously would make it more difficult for all to traverse the route and is in no ones best interest. We will continue to work with him to try and avoid the need for this.