E-mail from Coronation Power re revised proposal

posted 16 Apr 2014, 12:40 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 4 Jun 2017, 01:13 ]

From: "Cyra" <Cyra@coronationpower.com>
Date: 11 Apr 2014 11:40
Subject: Proposed Rooley Moor Wind Farm
To: "laneheadstables@googlemail.com" <laneheadstables@googlemail.com>

Dear Ms Oliver

We hope that you have been made aware through articles in the press that Coronation Power has decided to reduce the number of wind turbines in the proposed wind farm from 17 to 12.  I attach a plan showing the new layout of the wind farm.

 We would like to state that we think the wind farm and horse riding users of the Moor can coexist.  However concerns have been raised and we are putting forward some proposals to enhance the use of Rooley Moor road and provide alternative solutions if users wish to avoid the turbines.

 You will note that the three turbines to the south of the site, that you were most concerned with, have now been removed.  At the exhibition in Heywood you also requested whether it would be possible for the wind farm to provide a gallop for horses during the construction phase of the wind farm. 

 We have looked at this more closely and in discussion with the landowner think we are able to offer more enhancements to Rooley Moor that would be beneficial to horse riders. These are shown on the attached plan. For ease of reference the other existing rights of way are also shown on the plan. The enhancements are:

  1. Proposed Gallop (Yellow line): a proposed location for a gallop running parallel to an existing track way and footpath.  The length of the gallop is 420m long.  Work would be needed to flatten and improve the ground.  Access to the proposed gallop could be achieved from a variety of different routes on the moor and would not need to come from the main Rooley Moor entrance.  What are your views on the location of the proposed gallop?
  2. Upgrade of existing foot path to Bridleway (Blue dashed line): We understand that you regularly use this footpath.  Whilst this is permitted, as Rooley Moor is an urban common under s 193 of the Law of Property Act 1925, we are proposing to upgrade the existing foot path to a bridleway to give more certainty to users of the moor.  This would provide an alternative route to Rooley Moor Road during and after construction.  The only change is this route would divert from the existing foot path so that it adjoins with the existing bridleway on the west of Rooley Moor Road.  Would the upgrading of this foot path be of benefit to you?  Do you think there is any need to do physical work to the foot path to make it more suitable for horses?

 3.      New Bridleway (dark red dashed line):  This proposed new bridleway would create a new link to Rooley Moor Road and enable a figure of eight loop that could be used by horse riders. It would provide an alternative route to Rooley Moor Road during construction and allow those horse riders who do not wish to have turbines on both sides of them to skirt round the wind farm.  Do you have any comments on the location of this proposed new bridleway?

 We do hope that these enhancements would be of benefit to you and would welcome any comments you have on them.  Please feel free to email me or call me on 07932 625855.

 I have also put a hard copy of this email/plan in the post to you today

 Yours sincerely

 Cyra Parkes

Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association,
16 Apr 2014, 12:41