Community Issues

posted 22 Mar 2013, 13:14 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 4 Jun 2017, 01:18 ]
We have had a letter from Rochdale Township Office asking us to remind our members (I know we do this on regular occasions throughout the year) that there is an issue in the Norden Ward (and probably elsewhere) concerning horse Poo on pavements and Pedestrian walkways. Just a quick reminder for you to try as much as possible not to let your horse foul on them. If they do, consider either dismounting and kicking the Poo into the side of the road or if, as with most horses, this would cause a potential hazard try and remember to return on foot or in the car to remove the offending dollops. The Township Office in their letter did note that it may very well be non members of our organisation who are the culprits. If though you can point out the concern it is causing to other horse riders you might know it can only help to smooth the relationships between the Horse Community and other Residents of the Norden Ward.
We have also had another e-mail from the Gentleman whose dog suffered injury on the field opposite St Vincents at Caldershaw. Apparently some inconsiderate riders (again may very well be non members of our organisation) have begun again to gallop over the field whilst the ground is soft causing holes to be left in the ground. Can you please pass on the message to anyone you might know to ride considerately and not to canter over soft ground used by the public when divots would be left. Again a bit of forethought can help the horse riding community to live in harmony with other users of the spaces.