Working with the Community

Purpose of the Group is to educate both horse riders and the public; to bring issues to attention; and work together so that enjoyment can be had by all.

v                 Did you know within a 5mile radius of Norden there are ~430horses who contribute ~£500,000 to the local economy

v                 Riding on pavements unfortunately can be necessary in today’s every increasing traffic particularly with the speed on main routes eg Edenfield Road

Ø                  However RBBA encourage responsible horse riding by asking that any droppings which are left on pavement are pushed onto the carriageway either at the time or return later that day

v                 Riding two abreast may appear anti social but it does encourage traffic to respect the horse and not pass close or when unsafe.

Ø                  However RBBA encourages horse riders to keep aware of their impact on other road users and as soon as possible revert to single file to allow traffic when safe to pass

Ø                  RBBA encourages horse riders to keep off roads whenever possible. Signs to deter cantering along Woodtop (between Wolstenholme Fold and School Lane have been erected by RBBA

Ø                  RBBA actively promote the maintenance and opening of routes falling into disrepute by holding working groups to clear paths. This also benefits other path users eg Dog Walkers, Cyclists etc Paths cleared recently include Meadowhead Lane to Rough Lea; Caldershaw Lane and Shawfield Lane; Bridle path at rear of Rochdale Golf Course. 


If you have any issues or concerns please make the Association aware of them via

Croston Close Road – 20yrs Campaigning

View Before 2007 – Would you go here?


View After Resurfacing – Better for Walkers, Cyclists, Horse Riders