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Nabbs Wife

On July 13th around 12 members decended on Nabbs Wife on a nice suny sumers evening to try and improve the cobbled path up from the valley. Armed with brushes, hoes, hoofpicks, spades and loppers the gallant army battled with vegetation and general soil deposits to clear out the ruts and restore the path to the width it was when it was first installed around 2005. It is amazing what can be done in less than an hour when we have that many hands. A few even spent another hour or so moving the stones from the river crossing thus making the route a lot safer for horse riders.
 The path was later tested by members whilst negotiating their way to the start of the Treasure Hunt at the end of July and all agreed it is a much more passable route thanks to the effort of our members. Please keep an eye on the website to find out when the next path clearance is and come and join us to help keep our bridleways free and clear for the enjoyment of all horse riders.