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Norden off Edenfield Road
We are looking for evidence of riding both the path from Blackpits Road to Coalpits Bridge and Coalpits Bridge to Wolstenholme Fold. We know the route has been ridden for many years but are collecting the evidence in case we need to upgrade the route from its current status on the Definative Map.
If you have ridden this route at any time please spare a moment to download the attached Evidence forms. Fill them in as accurately as possible (remember a statement such as "I rode the path for x years from .... to .... and then took a break whilst having my son. I recommenced riding the route from .... to the present after I bought my current horse in ......" carries more weight than just dates. It will also help you if at any stage in the future we have to go down the Public Inquiry route as it will help as an aid memoir)
Coalpits Bridge to Wolstenholme Fold Evidence Form Download
Blackpits Road to Coalpits Bridge Evidence Form Download