How to apply for an upgrade to a route

Now having knowledge of what each route means on an OS map, the following is a step by step process which can be followed to upgrade any footpath which has been ridden unchallenged for 20 years. NB this is not a fast process (see under achievements) but it does work.

1. Contact the local rights of way officer (Julie Simpson for Rochdale) and get the start and end map references for the path.

2. Write to the Land Registry Office at Birkenhead House, East Beach,Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, FY8 5AB to find out who owns the path. You need to quote the map references and enclose a copy of a map or a plan with road names and as much detail as possible and highlight the path in question.

3. When you have got the names of the landowners, it may be advantageous to write to them to ask if they will dedicate the path as a bridlepath and that means that you don’t have to bother with getting all the evidence. With the landowners permission the council will amend the definitive map as required. If the landowner refuses or you don’t get a reply then continue as follows.

4. Gather as much evidence as possible from people who have ridden the path now and in the past, go back as far as possible. You need to attach a copy of a map clearly showing the path to each evidence form [click here] . Evidence form attached – Appendix 1

5. Go to the library and ask to see the Electoral Register. You need to get the names of the occupants of any houses that are on the footpath route, even ones whose gardens just back onto the path as when you put the application into the Council you need to contact all these people and advise them of your application.

6. Once you have all this information you are now ready to send in your application to the Council. Complete Form A. [click here] Enclose a copy map with the path clearly highlighted. Take a photocopy of all the evidence forms you have collected and then send the originals off with Form A. [click here] . Attached, Appendix 2.

You need to send the forms to:

Environmental Management
Countryside Services
Green Lane
OL10 2DY

7. Now Complete Form B's [click here] for the land owners and all the houses on the path as stated above. Send this off to the individual addresses. It may also be a good idea to list who has been notified and enclose this with the stuff you send in to the Council. Attached Appendix 3.

8. Now sit back and wait for something to happen – by which time you will have grey hair!!