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Lea Holme Upgrade

The results of the Public Enquiry came through in January 2010 and WE HAVE BEEN GRANTED THE ROUTE. The council has been in discussion with the Land Owner to get the offending wall blocking the route removed and it is now removed. Gates have been put in around Leaholme. Please ensure that you firmly shut the gates to avoid livestock getting out. The route is now opened up for riding.
We would encourage riders to be courteous to the Landowner and not to be drawn into any verbal exchanges regarding the legitimacy of riding the route.
If your horse "poohs" around Millcroft Tea Gardens, in the interest of respecting the Tea Gardens business, please can you dismount and knock the pooh into the side.
Well done to all of you who supported the Public Enquiry and particularly to Gwen and Joan for their dedicated efforts over the past 20+ years.
Enjoy the route but be courteous to other members of the public