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Greenbooth Concessionary

The Bridleways Association has negotiated with United Utilities for a concessionary route over the Greenbooth Reservoirs. The route starts from Woodhouse Lane travels down towards and over the dam and then traverses the the banks of the reservoir finally climbing the hill and coming out at Rainshaw Mill.
The route is accessible to current members by use of the concessionary key. You must though have attended at least three meetings or two working groups before you are entitled to apply for a key. This stipulation has come about following discussions with United Utilities who require us to ensure the route is used responsibly by riders who understand and respect the privalege they have granted us.
To ride the route you must wear your Bridleways Bib (the route is policed on occasions by United Utilities) and respect the No Cantering signs. If the route is abused we will loose it.
The route is marked by Orange Horse shoes and a Brochure is available to help you negotiate the route just ask at one of the meetings after you have got your key.
There are a number of gates on this ride and it is imperative that we make sure that each gate is securely latched before continuing. IF the gates are left open or not properly latched then we are in grave danger of LOOSING this Concessionary route. Please be responsible riders.