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Ashworth Concessionary

Its open again.
Following the floods in 2004, which washed away the river crossing on the Ashworth Reservoir concessionary route, an awful lot of behind the scenes work has been going on led by Gwen Mann and Joan Snowdon to liaise with United Utilities and seek a resolution for making the route open once again to ride.
The route is accessible to current members by use of the concessionary key (please make sure you push your key firmly into the lock otherwise you might find that you can't open the lock). You must though have attended at least three meetings or two working groups before you are entitled to apply for a key. This stipulation has come about following discussions with United Utilities who require us to ensure the route is used responsibly by riders who understand and respect the privalege they have granted us.
To ride the route you must wear your Bridleways Bib (the route is policed on occasions by United Utilities) and respect the No Cantering signs. If the route is abused we will loose it. There are parts of the route which crosses a Site of Special Scientific Interest and so it is imperative that members keep to the track.
On the 3rd May 2010 a group of members and their dogs had a wonderful walk around the route so that they could know which track needs to be followed prior to riding it. This was followed by a well earnt hot drink and snack at Granellis. If you missed this opportunity we advise that you ride the route for the first time with another member who knows it. You can contact any committee member who can help you arrange an escort for your first ride.