• Upgrade of Croston Close Road  (affectionately known as “The Drains”) to a bridleway. 

  • Upgrade of the footpath behind Lea Holme Farm  to link two bridleways taking riders off Edenfield Road. 

  • 12 riders passed  the British Horse Society Road Safety test which was organised and hosted by us. We had a lot of fun on the way too. We will be re running the Course in 2010

  • River crossing   improvement next to the new Paperhouse Bridge.

  • Resurfacing of Nabs Wife. 

  • Tiger Traps  put on the entrance to Bagslate Quarry to replace horse unfriendly barriers which were erected.

  • Representation of horses  interest on Bury and Rochdale Councils Rights of ways forums

  • Completed discussions with United Utilities  to open paths around Greenbooth following the major works on the reservoirs.
  • Reopening of Ashworth Concessionary Route

Anybody interested in contacting the RBBA can contact Barbara Brown on 01706 630337 or email the RBBA at