June 2011

Rochdale &Bury Bridleways Association  press report


RBBA are proud to announce the completion of important safety and restoration work to a well used  Norden track known locally as Woodtop  This vital breathtaking  link along the inside of the steep beautiful Naden valley which was once road access to a local farm links Norden to Ashworth and has been used by walkers, riders, and bikers for many years

Natural erosion and overgrowing vegetation was making the track narrow and dangerous

Thanks to local funding  from the Rochdale Township and the help of Norden councillor Ann Metcalfe RBBA has been able to organise the installation of new drainage, safer banking and the cut back of  vegetation

Chairman Roger Mee has recently visited all the livery yards in Norden ,Lanehead,and Birtle to encourage new members to the association

The district has a population of over 450 Horses but only 70 riders and horse owners are members of RBBA

Work is always needed on tracks and bridleways if road use  of horses is to be kept to a minimum and this is one the associations most principle objectives

Prevention of Riding on pedestrian pavements and roadside  grass verges is also an aim - as all horse riders need to gain the respect and good relationships with local residents in this area

Forthcoming events which al local  riders are invited to –


Horseback Treasure Hunt –Sunday July 24 starting at The Pack Horse Birtle

Le Trec  Horse Trials-August 29 bank hol Mon at Robinsons Equestrian Centre Birtle


For more details about these events and membership info -please visit