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June 2019

posted 29 Dec 2020, 06:55 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways



JUNE 2019

This newsletter records what the RBBA committee have been involved with concerning Rights of Way in Rochdale, Rossendale and Bury in the last 3 months.

Rochdale ROW

RBBA pointed out that the problems at Knacks Lane had not been included in the minutes of the last meeting. Julie Simpson (Rochdale ROW Officer) explained that as it had already been raised as a formal complaint it had been logged on the Council ROW Issue list, the complainant had had a response and there was no point in recording it in two places. Gill checked if it had been recorded on the ROW issue list that they were going to keep an eye on the tarmac situation for a greater period than the initial proposed 3 months. Julie confirmed this was the case.

Woodtop (Mile canter) has been confirmed. Bridleway Signs will form part of the surveys going on this year.

Northdene Drive is still in with legal to get OK to proceed with order.

RBBA raised a question about the status of the path from Mutal Street to Heywood Cricket Club. Julie explained that when she is talking with developers she points out routes which horse (or walkers) have used for many years and suggests they treat them as ROW. This is the approach she would be taking at Crimble Mill. As the Mutual Street route is not linked with any development plans we are unsure exactly what is meant by this statement. As this route is not on the Definitive Map (DM), not on the List of Streets, is not an Adopted Highway and has no name and has a DM footpath and bridleway joining it we have decided to put together a DMMO application to record its status on the DM as a bridleway.

 Rochdale Rights of Way Improvement Plan should be in draft sometime this Financial  Year

This next year RMBC are concentrating on signposting and way marks. All paths in Rochdale will be surveyed to find out the scope of what is needed. This has done this already for Littleborough and  Milnrow and Middleton are next.

Newly erected finger posts on the Pennine Bridleway


Bury ROW

Elton Reservoir application – There are 10 objections to this application. Just before Easter RBBA received a letter from Bury Rights of Way Officer outlining the objections submitted by an objector to this application. We were invited to comment on these objections, which we did in a 19 page response. The points we raised are going to be used to try and get the objector to withdraw their objections before the application is sent to the Secretary of State for determination.

Ainsworth applications – there has been no movement by Bury Council to process these applications which were submitted over 2 years ago. We are therefore entitled to apply to the Secretary of State to ask for Bury Council to be directed to determine this application by a certain date, usually within 12 months. This is called a Direction Request under Schedule 14, paragraph 3(2) of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. We submitted a Direction Request to the Planning Inspectorate in April. In early June we received an e-mail from PINS (Planning Inspectorate) informing us that a letter has been sent to Bury Council asking them to state their case. BMBC have until 15th July to respond.

24BUR Sandy Lane.  The application was re-submitted on 4th April 2019. RBBA sent in a letter outlining our concerns that the application would lead to an increase in vehicular traffic along the route and that the proposed new surface must be suitable for horses.

Hawkshaw Lane

A route from the top of Hawkshaw Lane onto Holcombe Moor is being considered for a DMMO application for a footpath to bridleway upgrade. The application has been written based on historical evidence but as only one landowner is involved it was thought a good idea to ask that landowner to dedicate the route as a bridleway. A letter was written and sent and the landowner contacted us by phone and suggested a meeting with us, Bury ROW Officer and the MOD. We are awaiting the date for this meeting.

Lords debate 2nd April 2019

Lord Greaves 

To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the progress that has been made in the registration of historic rights of way and of the benefits of extending the cut-off date for their registration.

Before this debate RBBA sent a letter to Lord Greaves supporting the extension of the cut-off date. We received a very nice reply from Lord Greaves thanking us for our letter.

Volunteer groups were mentioned in Lord Greave’s speech. If you click on the following link you can read the whole debate.

Historic Rights of Way - Hansard

Hansard (the Official Report) is the edited verbatim report of proceedings of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Daily Debates from…

“I am grateful for the large number of letters that I have had from people on the ground all over the country—from Yorkshire, Burnley, Rochdale, Northumberland, Bromley, Rossendale, Cambridgeshire and Wales—explaining how hopeless it is. I shall quote from one or two of them to show what the position is. Cosima Towneley, chairman of the Burnley Bridleways Association and chairman of the National Federation of the Bridleway Associations, says:

“The Government—of which ever hue—gallops towards the Cut Off but has failed to undertake a single action promised … Where is the 2015 report which should have given an indication as to the viability of projects such as Discovering Lost Ways … Where is the support at Local Authority level to carry the huge backlog of claims and the enquiries they generate through to implementation on the ground?”.

From Northumberland, Susan Rogers writes:

“Even when a decision has been made for an order to add or to upgrade a path, there can be a long delay before the legal department of the council makes the order … At the moment if there is an objection, even an irrelevant one, the order has to be sent to the Secretary of State for confirmation”.

And so on. There is a huge amount of frustration and dismay from people who are doing tremendous work at their own expense and in their own time.”

Horse Access Campaign (HAC)

This Facebook page brings equestrians from all over the country together to lobby for better access for horse riders. RBBA fully support this group. This is an example of their work. Rachel Thompson‎ to Horse Access Campaign UK

Today was a very noteworthy day. We went to 10 Downing Street for an informal discussion with The Rt Hon Lord Randall of Uxbridge Kt. PC who is the Special Advisor on the Environment for the Prime Minister’s Office. I represented The Trails Trust and the Horse Access Campaign UK. Pippa Langford Natural England’s Principal Specialist Recreation And Access came to advise on technical matters as a long standing colleague and advisor of many years.
We talked about the need for connectivity, safe roads, crossing points, upgrading rights of way, new creations, the historic rights of way application process, 2026 and how it might affect unowned lanes and unsurfaced unclassified roads and how all of that fits with the Government’s 25 year Environment plan and with future environmental land management schemes.
This meeting happened because we lobbied the Lords when the historic rights of way debate was happening. It shows how important it is that we keep putting our case clearly and calmly to those who can help.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Pass wide and slow ride down Rooley Moor Road, mid-morning Sunday April 14th 2019

The intrepid leader, Hayley Oliver, superwoman. Ready for the off outside Lane Head Stables.

C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04933.JPG  C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04934.JPG

Riding down Rooley Moor Road                                 In the thick of it on Rooley Moor Road

C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04935.JPG   C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04937.JPG

                                                                                     They’re there somewhere!

C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04938.JPG   C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04940.JPG

The drivers were very considerate, going very slowly and giving the riders a wide berth.

C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04943.JPG   C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04944.JPG

                                                                                          The riders stopped to let the queue of traffic pass

C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04945.JPG  C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04946.JPG

C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04947.JPG  C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04949.JPG

C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04950.JPG   C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04951.JPG

                                                                                       This police van, although not speeding, didn’t slow          

                                                                                        down though!

C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04952.JPG   C:\Users\david\Pictures\pass wide ride 14-04-2019\DSC04953.JPG

RBBA propose to organise a “Pass Wide and Slow” ride next year through Ainsworth village, Bury on 10th May 2020. Watch our Facebook page for details nearer the time.

Future Events

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page about our future events.