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Following are newsletters issued in 2018

March 2018 Newsletter

posted 2 Apr 2018, 02:55 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

March 2018
Welcome to the first newsletter for 2018. With this newsletter we hope to keep you in the picture as to what the RBBA committee are doing on your behalf to improve off-road access for horse riders in our area.
The Rochdale Rights of Way Forum scheduled for 16th January 2018 was cancelled. We await a new date.
A DMMO (Definitive Map Modification Order) for Northdene Drive to upgrade footpath RocEFp13a to a bridleway was re-submitted to Rochdale Council in February. We have a meeting with the ROW Officer on 4th April about this application.
The DMMO to upgrade Woodtop from a footpath to a bridleway that was submitted last year was approved by Committee in November but now needs to be confirmed before it can be added to the Definitive Map. This involves signs being put up at both ends of the claimed route to inform the general public of the intention to upgrade the route to a bridleway and so give anyone a further chance to object. If an objection is raised the matter would go to public inquiry. As yet no signs have been spotted.
The bridleway from Ashworth Road to Ashworth Valley through Black Dad’s is in disrepair where it leaves the garden at Black Dad’s and descends into the valley. The Council have acknowledged the problem and hope to remedy it as soon as possible.
PROWs in the Caldershaw area.

The green lines show routes we should be able to ride. The photo on the right shows a barrier that has recently been erected opposite Hargate Avenue that will prevent use of the route across the grass. We have contacted the ROW Officer about this.
There is also a problem here as the route has been built over. Investigations into this are on-going and we will inform you of developments in future meetings and newsletters.
The Bury Local Access Forum took place on 10th January at the Town Hall. RBBA gave an update to The Bury Bridleway Strategy which involves the upgrading of a number of footpaths to bridleways to the west of Bury, most using historical evidence. 7 were submitted in 2017 and a further 8 are still being researched.
The ROW budget for 2018 is £24 000, £4 000 of which is ear-marked for bridleways.
The DMMO for a route to the south of Elton Reservoir: Throughout 2017 this application based on User Evidence has been processed. Several witnesses have been interviewed by Bury’s ROW Officer. We believe the report on the evidence has been written but not yet passed on to the legal department. We were told that further information as to its progress will be given to us at the next LAF in May.
Barratt Homes and Tetrosyl, Walmersley Barratt Homes propose to build 273 houses on the site of the Tetrosyl Mill at Bevis Green in Walmersley to the north of Bury. People living in the area have been invited to comment. They have issued a plan of the proposed development. A bridleway, 15BUR, runs up the southern side of the site. On the plan this bridleway is described as an “unmade road (BOAT)” (BOAT = Byway Open to All Traffic). This is a significant error. Motorised vehicles can be legally driven on BOATs but not on bridleways. Bury ROW Officer already knew about this and had pointed out the error but Barratt Homes had not corrected it. Fortunately the ROW Officer will be consulted in the planning process.
DMMOs in the Buckhurst area. Several years ago FORBA (Forest of Rossendale Bridleways Association) submitted 2 DMMOs in the Buckhurst area. These applications brought about the closure of a route through Buckhurst Farm. According to the LCC website the DMMO from Buckhurst School to Nangreaves was awarded an Order for a Restricted Byway in 2014 which has been objected to so that one will probably go to public inquiry or be decided by written representations. In 2016 the route along Sales’s Lane and up past Lark Mount was awarded an Order for a bridleway. There have been no objections so this one awaits to be confirmed.
Moss Shaw route off Salisbury Road, Radcliffe. RBBA have been investigating the possible use of the old Bolton to Bury railway line for horse riders. In discussions with Bury Council we have secured use of Bradley Fold cycleway for horses. A problem arose near Moss Shaw Farm where the railway line branched, one line going on to Bury and the other to Radcliffe. Land in the angle of the branch was denied to horse riders until it came up for development. A recreational route was ear-marked along the northern edge of the site. RBBA wrote to the planning department at MBC asking if the recreational use could include horse riders when the application was considered. Use by equestrians was agreed along this route so riders from Radcliffe and Ainsworth will be able to access Elton Reservoir. This route is now open at the bridge near Moss Shaw but you can’t as yet get all the way through as houses are still being built.
The bridge at Moss Shaw.


Lower Spen Moor off Bolton Road has been denied to horse riders but in the future this will change. As part of the development of a cycleway along the old Bury to Bolton railway line plans have been approved by Bury Council for the footpath around Lower Spen Moor to be diverted to link the bridleway at Buckingham Drive to a new cycle route created as part of the Tudor Grange housing development off Bolton Road. This new route will be available to horse riders and will mean that the Buckingham Drive bridleway, presently a cul-de-sac, will actually go somewhere.
RBBA attend meetings of the NFBA and meet people from other Bridleways Groups and learn about the work done in other areas and the problems experienced. The NFBA chairman is Cosima Towneley and she attends meetings concerning ROW at the national level, such as The Rights of Way Review Committee. By attending these meetings we get an insight into the national strategy for ROW.
Members meetings.
In January there was a good attendance at the AGM.
In February Gemma Mullins treated us to a fascinating talk on riding side-saddle. Gemma has had much success at competition level and hunts riding side-saddle. Gemma brought along her saddle and generously allowed people to sit on it to get a feel of this style of riding. Many thanks to Gemma for talking to us and good luck in competitions for 2018.
In March Nicky Marr came and told some entertaining tales of her life on the force as a Mounted Police Officer. A notable story was about the day one of the horses went for a swim in a local water feature, thankfully with a happy ending. Thank you Nicky for giving us an insight into such a demanding job.
In April Andrew Kelley from East Cheshire Council will talk on the subject of “2026 and all that”. 2026 is a very important date for horse riders. If you want to know why, come and join us at the Packhorse on 30th April at 8pm
In May there will be no indoor meeting. Instead we invite you to take part in The Pennine Rendezvous on May 27th 2018. See below

The Pennine Rendezvous dates back to 1989 and is the brain-child of The National Federation of Bridleways Associations. In 2018 RBBA will host the rendezvous which will take place at Catley Lane Head on Rooley Moor Road, Norden. The idea of the rendezvous is for riders to converge from all points of the compass and meet together. Each participant will receive a rosette.
This year 4 rides are on offer.
 from Waterfoot, organised by FORBA
 from Wardle and Milnrow organised by Wardle Bridleways Association and Milnrow Bridleways Association
 from Birtle organised by RBBA
 a circular ride from Lane Head and arriving back at Lane Head for the rendezvous.
All participants must have 3rd part insurance and wear hi-viz and a hard hat on the ride. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.
Entry Fee £10. Entry forms can be downloaded from the RBBA website.
A third of the money collected after expenses will be donated to RBBA charity for 2018 – North West Air Ambulance
Visit for more information.
Membership renewals were due in January. If you haven’t managed to renew your membership yet you can do so at April’s Members meeting on the 30th or download a membership form from the website and send it, with a cheque payable to Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association, to Barbara Brown, address on form.
If you are not a member of RBBA you will not be able to claim your 10% discount at Naylors and Horse Bits. Also, if you use the Concessionary routes at Ashworth and Greenbooth your 3rd party insurance will not be valid and you will be riding on private land without the owner’s consent. This could leave you open to some serious problems in the event of an incident or the landowner or their representative stops you.
We hope to see you all on 30th April 2018 at the Packhorse at 8pm at the next Member’s meeting.

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