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October 2013

posted 25 Oct 2013, 04:04 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

October 2013


Dear All



Bridleway News


·         Heap Road (near old Norden Chimney)

You may remember that there had been an objection to the bridleway upgrade.  The appeal hearing at the High Court got thrown out and Heap Road is now officially a bridleway.  The Council have promised to put signs up but so far have not been forthcoming.

·         Ashworth Concessionary

Ashworth Concessionary route has proved very popular this summer as it gives a nice long off-road route linking Norden to Buckhurst and back through Birtle.  Someone has dumped a big pile of road plainings across the gateway at the Croston Close Road end and United Utilities are liaising with the offender to get them moved.  There is a gap in the fence to help us out temporarily.

·         Buckhurst

The route through Buckhurst Farm is still blocked.  Evidence has been submitted to Lancashire Council by Chris Peat of Forest of Rossendale Bridleways Association but it could take a while to get it opened again.

·         Roods Lane (down by the old Three Owls Bird Sanctuary)

Some of you may know that earlier this year the council turned up and put a kissing gate at the top of Roods Lane.  This would have prevented any access for horses.  Luckily someone took it out before the concrete set and we swung into action putting in evidence to claim the path right through to School Lane as a bridleway.  So far very little progress has been made but all the landowners on the route have agreed that they will dedicate it as a bridleway which should, in theory, make things a bit easier but time will tell.  In the meantime, please don’t canter or gallop along Woodtop, a few weeks ago someone reported to me that three girls had galloped past him while he was walking his dog and the third one just shouted sorry as she went past at full pelt!  Luckily he isn’t anti-horse but it’s this kind of behaviour that is likely to spoil it for everyone.  This route is vital so if you see anyone being stupid please put them straight.

·         Greenbooth

United Utilities have recently widened the narrow path on the Greenbooth Concessionary making it safer for you and your horse.


Dates for Your Diary

·         28th October – Dani Paizis Physiotherapist 8.00 pm at The Pack Horse

·         25th November – Cheese & Wine at Horsebits in Ramsbottom.  A change of scenery this year.  From 7.00 pm

·         7th December – Christmas Dinner at the Pack Horse.  We don’t have the final menu at the moment but it will be on the website soon.  It will be £20 per head, payable when booking.

The full social calendar for next year is being put together, if you have anything you would like to do or any suggestions for speakers please let one of the Committee know.  You can also contact us via Facebook.


25 Years of Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

We had a packed meeting to celebrate our 25 year anniversary.  Gwen, Joan and Irene did a fantastic job getting displays of our achievements together.  We had a visit from the Manchester Branch of the BHS and they couldn’t believe how many people we had attending and how many achievements we had in opening and improving bridleways in our area.



·         Trec

A very successful Trec Competition went ahead on 19th August.  We are very grateful to Emma Metcalfe for allowing us to use their facilities at Rough Lea Farm.  It turned out to be exceptional.  The day before was very wet and we looked at the obstacle course in heavy rain and strong winds but luckily the weather improved for Sunday and we managed to stay dry.  The competition consisted of three phases, a very long orienteering phase, a challenging obstacle course and a control of paces (easier said than done).  Everyone had a lot of fun.  Full results are available on the website and we made about £200 for the Association.  Thanks also go to Gill Morrell for doing a fantastic job organising it all.


·         Celebration Ride

8 riders gathered to enjoy a lovely ride across the Ashworth Concessionary through to Birtle on what was a lovely sunny day.  All the horses (and riders) were well behaved and we stopped at the Church Inn for a drink before heading back home.  Just for information, any events we hold are insured by the BHS and one of conditions of that insurance is that hi-viz must be worn by all riders, so if you intend to join us on any ridden event please wear your bridleways vest, if possible or any hi viz clothing… yes we know it’s not high fashion but it could save your life.




We have managed to get the promise of some funding from Rochdale Township with Councillor Wera Hobhouse donating £850 and Jim Gartside donating £100.  We are going to use this for improving the drainage on the river crossing at Paperhouse Bridge and resurfacing and clearing the stones from the track which goes from Overtown Lane at Red Lumb up towards Rough Lea Farm.  We are looking at ways to get a bit more funding and if we manage it we are planning to clear the weeds and rubble from the path behind Lea Holme Farm.