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March 2013

posted 22 Mar 2013, 12:59 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

March 2013


Dear All


Just when we thought spring was in the air – it snows, this winter is never ending!!


Bridleway News


·         Heap Road (near old Norden Chimney)

Some of our members have been approached by members of the public saying that they shouldn’t be riding up Heap Road through to Durnford Close.  We are aware that an objection has been submitted to the High Court but we have no further details as the Council haven’t contacted us.  We are speaking to our BHS rep about this.  Please do not stop riding it.

·         Red Lumb

Some grids have been installed across Overtown Lane in Red Lumb (at the bottom of Joan’s hill) which are causing some horses a problem.  If you do have an issue can you please report it to the council by ringing 0845 2261800This is an on-going issue

·         Ashworth Concessionary

The route through Ashworth Reservoir is now OPEN!!! Well done Gwen on getting United Utilities to put the bridge in, apparently it’s fantastic.  If you do ride through please remember that no cantering is allowed even though it is very tempting.  We can lose it just as quickly as we got it if the rules are not followed and remember it has cost us a lot of money too.  If you don’t know the way through contact one of the Committee.

·         Caldershaw

We have received an e-mail from a resident in the Caldershaw area regarding more and more horses galloping across the green area opposite St. Vincents school entrance on Caldershaw Road.  Please keep to the edge of the field and if there are any other members of the public on there, playing or walking their dogs, please keep to the road.  A bit of consideration will go a long way in helping to keep our neighbours on side.

·         Buckhurst

We are aware that the route through Buckhurst Farm has been blocked.  We are talking to the owners and will hopefully get a successful resolution.  If you ride through there please do not aggravate the land owners as this might lead to a permanent closure and it is not a public bridleway.

Dates for Your Diary

·         25th March   - Pete “A professional Show Man” and what this entails.

·         29th April     - Open Forum

·         20th May      - Global Herbs

All meetings at the Pack Horse, starting at 8.00 pm

The full social calendar is on the website.


25 Years of Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Some of you may be aware that it is 25 years since the association was first formed.  To celebrate we are going to have a celebration evening on 29th July at The Pack Horse.  Tickets will be £5 which will include a raffle ticket and food.  (We need to sell tickets to get numbers for the food).  Tickets will be available from Monday night.



·         Annual General Meeting – 28th January 2013


The Annual General Meeting was attended by about 60 people.


It was proposed by Pat Tough and seconded by Sue Crisci that the Officers be re-elected, Roger Mee (Chairman), Barbara Brown (Secretary) and Gill Morrell (Treasurer).  Three new committee members were voted in, Margaret Varley and June Timperley from Bury side and Emma Metcalfe from Norden.

Janet O’Connor has stepped down as Social Secretary.  Roger thanked her as she has done a fantastic job for the last few years.  Gill Ridings is taking over this role.

Gill Morrell presented the accounts.

The majority of people were in support of holding a Trec Competition and thought that a practice day would be a good idea.  The date for is 18th August 2013.

Jane Barker asked if there was a possibility of holding another Riding & Road Safety Course.  We need a minimum of 8 people to do this and the cost is approximately £75 so if you are interested please let us know.

·         25th February - Happa

We had a fantastic turnout for the February meeting which was a visit from Happa.  Thank you to Val Johnston who won the raffle and donated the prize money to Happa, we also gave our half to the charity.




The bridleway calendars are still available at a bargain price of £2 and will be on sale at Monday’s meeting.




Please remember that the website is there for your use.  If you have anything to sell, loan or swap we have a classified page which is free to members.  Likewise if you have any tales to tell about your experiences out riding or holidays which you think may be of interest to other members please email a report and we can put it on for you.


Horsey Products on Humans!


I came across this amusing thread while looking for something to include in my newsletter.  Here are some examples of horsey products that humans have used.

Ø  Compagel for tendonitis

Ø  Bute for a hangover

Ø  Coligone also for a hangover

Ø  Cornucrescine to help your nails grow

Ø  Animalintex for skin infections such as horsefly bites

Ø  Udder Cream for dry hands

Ø  Vetwrap for an emergency bra!

Ø  Kaolin Poultice on your chest for coughs & colds

Ø  NAF D-Tox for colds

Ø  Cooling Gel for aching muscles

Ø  Equimins Wonder Balm for cracked heals and dry skin.

Ø  Hypocare for cold sores (apparently clears them up in half the time)

Use any of these products at your own risk, I haven’t tried or tested any of them, I might though next time if have a hangover!!!


Hi Viz

Those of you who are members of the BHS may have read a letter from a Chief Constable in the latest BHS magazine where he states that anyone who wears the hi viz with “Polite” on the back with the blue and silver checks could possibly be prosecuted for impersonating a police officer! Mmmm and it seemed like such a good idea at the time.