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July 2012

posted 28 Jul 2012, 11:20 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Dear All


Bridleway News


·         Heap Road (near old Norden Chimney)

Since the last letter we have attended the public inquiry and the upgrade to bridleway has been passed. Unless anyone objects to the High Court about this decision it’s a route saved.

·         Dunham

Lancashire Council have agreed to pay the difference between the money we have raised and the quote for work on the path down to Dunham Farm.  This work should now be completed before the end of summer.

·         Red Lumb

Some grids have been installed across Overtown Lane in Red Lumb (at the bottom of Joan’s hill) which are causing some horses a problem.  If you do have an issue can you please report it to the council by ringing 0845 2261800.  The more people who ring the better.  At the moment you can get around them but this is going to be fenced off in the near future so you will have to go over them.  This is an ongoing issue.  If it’s a problem for you please ring.

·         Golf Links

There is tree down and blocking the path which comes from the Martlett Avenue bridleway.  It is totally impassable.  The Council have been informed.  Please ring 0845 2261800.

·         Church Inn, Birtle

Those of you who ride around the Birtle area will be aware of huge lumps of concrete which have been used to fill in the potholes on the bridleway from the School House which runs below the Church Inn.  The council have promised to resolve this problem as its quite dangerous for smaller ponies.

·         Tree Trimming, etc.

We are finding that the Councils no longer have the funds to cut back the foliage which takes over our bridleways in the summer so it looks like its down to us users.  If you go for a walk take a pair of shears or clippers with you and just cut a few branches back.


·         New Road Surface – Edenfield Road

The response we received back from the Council on the slippy surface on Edenfield Road was that they don’t have funds to put a horse friendly surface down on the road but that it will become less slippy as it gets used more!


·         Sophie Gent – Equiscan.  This talk was really good.  Sophie explained about what Equiscan is and the problems that it can highlight, particularly in horses where the owner knows that “something isn’t quite right”.

·         David Adlington – A Day in the Life of an Equine Vet

I couldn’t attend this meeting as I was sunning myself in Majorca, however, I have been led to believe it was a highly informative talk which was enjoyed by everyone who came.

·         Open Discussion Evening

We didn’t have a speaker for the June meeting so we held a members’ forum meeting which went down well.  It was an opportunity for everyone to get involved and pass on views and ideas about what’s going on.  It was suggested that we start our meetings earlier so the next meeting will be starting at 8.00 pm instead of 8.30 pm.

Dates for Your Diary

·         30th JulyUnfortunately, due to unforeseen problems the freestyle dressage demonstration has been cancelled, however, Jenny Johnson will be giving a talk at The Pack Horse, starting at 8.00 pm.

5th August
Treasure Hunt.  Starting and finishing at the cattle grid at Lane Head at 12.00 noon.  Entry forms will be available at Monday’s meeting.  Teams of 4, if all team members are bridleway members £8 per team, if not £10 per team.  Hi viz must be worn and ideally each team should have someone over 16.

·         20th August – A week early due to bank holiday.  Quiz night.  Teams of up to 4.  8.00 pm at The Pack Horse.  The rosettes for the Treasure Hunt will be presented on this night.

·         27th August – Trec Competition

Last year’s Trec was very successful and we hope to have as good a day this year.  Entry forms are available from Gill Morrell and will be available at Monday’s meeting.

Keep an eye on the website for further information on forthcoming events.


Joke Time

A white horse walks into a pub and asks for a whisky.
The landlord says: "Hey, we've got a whisky named after you."
The horse replies: "What, George?"


A dead horse walks into a bar and orders a whisky.
“I’m sorry, sir,” says the barman. “We don’t serve spirits.