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October 2010

posted 22 Oct 2010, 11:42 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 21 Jan 2012, 12:37 ]

October 2010


Dear All


We are now starting to look to next year and would like anyone who may be interested in joining the Committee to let one of us know... some new blood would be more than welcome.  We meet once a month outside of the main meetings usually on a Thursday evening.


Bridleway News


There’s not very much to report on bridleways this month, it’s all very quiet.


·         Lea Holme

A fence has been put up at the back of Lea Holme Farm and there is now limited space for a big horse to turn to close the gate.  We have spoken to the council about this and they are going to re-align the gate to give more room to manoeuvre.

·         Scotland Lane (Dunham’s)

We have had a quote to do some work on Scotland Lane on the Bury side as it’s always extremely muddy during wet weather.  It looks like it’s going to cost quite a lot of money but we have £1,150 which was donated specifically for this area a few years’ ago to put towards it.  We would have to put about another £1,500 towards it and would like to know if any members have any objections to this money being spent on this.

·         Bridleway near Minevah (Motorway Bridge) Bury

Irene has been asking Bury Council to cut some trees back on this path for about 4 years and they have now done this work.

That’s about it on bridleways, this time; I suppose its good really as no-one is reporting any problems.


·         Quiz

We had a good turn out for the quiz night in August, the winners were a team from the Birtle area.

·         Tack Auction

The tack auction was very well attended and we had absolutely loads of stuff to sell.  There were some mega bargains on the night and we raised £35 in commission.

·         Buckley Hall Ride

About 8 riders joined the Buckley Hall ride in August and had a really good day for it.


Dates for Your Diary


·         Monday, 25th October

We have Tony Dampier – My life with Horses.  This should be a highly entertaining evening.  8.30 pm at The Pack Horse

·         Monday 29th November

Cheese & Wine at Naylors.  Following the success of last year’s cheese & wine evening we are holding another one this year.  Hopefully there will be some extra discount and special offers on the night.

·         Christmas at The Waggon at Birtle

We have once again got the upstairs room at The Waggon at Birtle booked for 4th December.  There is a lovely menu and the cost is £24.95 per head.  If you want any more information about this please contact me.  Space is limited and a £10 deposit is required to secure your place.

We are now working on next year’s calendar so if there is anything you would particularly like to see then let one of the Committee know and we’ll try to arrange it.


Hi Viz


An important article appeared in the latest BHS mag about liability/insurance.  What it amounts to is that if you are involved in an accident and are not wearing hi-viz clothing the other party can claim you have acted negligently - it's clear now - we must wear hi-viz when out riding or face the consequences.


Mary Towneley Loop


Four of us completed the Mary Towneley Loop in August.  We set off on a very dark, wet Friday morning but luckily the rain stopped fairly quickly and we had near perfect conditions for the rest the weekend.  It is a long way but if you like hacking I would definitely recommend it.  There are some scary bits (Summit), but the scenery is absolutely spectacular.  Well done Brooke who completed it for the second time and she’s still only 8!


Gill, Rosie & Jessica Morrell are doing it next week with a group from Holcombe Pony Club and are trying to raise some money for MacMillan nurses so if you want to sponsor them come along to Monday’s meeting when Gill will have her sponsor form available.


Something Lighthearted

A cowboy goes into a bar, has a beer, walks outside and finds his horse has been stolen. He walks back into the bar, fires his gun through the ceiling. "Which one of you stole my hoss?" he yells. No one answers. "All right, I'm gonna have one more beer and if my hoss ain't outside by the time I finish, I'm gonna do what I dun in Texas." He drinks another beer, walks outside, and his horse is back. So he gets on it and gets ready to ride out of town. The bartender walks out of the bar and asks, "Say pardner, what happened in Texas?" The cowboy turns to him, and says, "I had to walk home."