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August 2010

posted 17 Aug 2010, 12:40 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 21 Jan 2012, 12:35 ]

Dear All


Firstly I would like to apologise for this newsletter being a month late... but its here now and we have got some good news.


Bridleway News


·         Lea Holme

This route is now open!  Please be respectful to the landowner if you bump into him whilst riding this route and please stick to the proper paths. From Norden end go down the hill in front of the Tea Gardens and then keep right until you get near to the farmhouse... go right before you get there between the house and a barn and then go behind the house.  At the end of the path turn right again.  Make sure all gates are closed.  You need to be careful when you get to the last gate which opens onto Edenfield Road as it is quite near to the road and there is a bit of a blind bend.

·         Greenbooth

We have had a bit of a problem with a group of riders leaving ALL the gates open within this concessionary route which resulted in a neighbouring farmer contacting a local councillor to complain, he also contacted United Utilities.  We have managed to pacify him this time but please please close all gates behind you.

·         Path from Coalpits Bridge to Wolstenholme Fold

We had a bit of a scare with this path during July when I received a letter from Rochdale Rights of Way Officer to say that a kissing gate was to be installed on the path alongside the Bird Sanctuary boundary.  This is not going to happen but we are now gathering evidence to get the path upgraded to bridleway status because there is a real threat that it could be closed off to us at some time in the future as the ROW Officer made it quite clear that it was illegal for horse riders to use this route whilst it has a status of footpath.  I would like to thank Councillor Metcalfe for her help in sorting this out for us.  An evidence form is here and if you have used this path please complete one as honestly as you can and either send it to me or bring along to the next meeting.

·         Meadowcroft Mills

We were going to do a path clearance down here in June but the council beat us to it and has resurfaced all the bridleway and have made a cracking job of it.

·         Splash Lane & Black Dad

The council are currently in the process of resurfacing the path down from Splash Lane to the stream and then the path which was badly rutted up to Black Dad farm.  This will make these two paths much safer to ride as they had become very rutted and extremely boggy in wet conditions.

·         Black Dad Farm to Ashworth

The road down to Black Dad farm has been resurfaced but has had a horse friendly surface on the steep bit.



·         Path Clearances

We have had two path clearances.  The first was at Broadhalgh on the path which runs up the left hand side of Taylor Park between the golf course and the field.  About 8 people turned up and made a big impact on this path, well we made it passable!  This comes out on Norden Road just lower down than Clay Lane and at a place that is not as busy as the junction of Clay Lane and Shawfield Lane.

On the evening of Wednesday 6th July 2010 four enthusiastic souls turned up to clear the vegetation on Bridleway 36 ( Bury), or in understandable terms the bridleway behind the houses near Lowes Farm at Walmersley, Bury.  The track is not very wide at the best of times and over the summer the vegetation has grown so much that there was barely room to get a horse down there.  The encroaching brambles enjoyed making a grab at you as you went by. Not any more!   We got our own back and in a surprisingly short space of time the plants had been tamed.  Unfortunately we did not have the time to finish the job but we managed to clear the worst section and the route is now more comfortable to use.

·         Cowm Resevoir Ride

Seven riders turned up for what turned out to be a ride not without incident.  It was all peaceful until we approached the reservoir on Tong Lane when I noticed a sign advertising a Triathlon event on that day.  The bridleway entrance had a tent across it where the start line for the run section was, there was very loud music playing and the odd interruption of the loud speaker.  Two of our riders actually went through the tent and I have heard the organisers are still waiting for two runners to come back.  Luckily most of the runners had already returned so it wasn’t such a problem and we reached our picnic spot without incident.

·         Bev Berisford – Show Judge

Bev Berisford spoke to us at our June meeting and gave a really informative insight into the world of showing and did highlight some of the prejudices which exist with some judges in the showing world.  She also gave advice on getting the best from your show and handed out some useful notes to the people who attended.

·         Chris Peat – Mary Towneley Loop

Chris once again gave an interesting talk on the Mary Towneley Loop.  Unfortunately I missed this due to being on holiday which is a shame as I am hopefully going to complete it during August.

Dates for Your Diary


·         Monday, 23rd August

A week early due to bank holiday.  Quiz night.  This was a really popular event last year and we hope that we get the same amount of enthusiastic teams again this year.  8.30 pm at the Pack Horse.

·         Monday 27th September

Tack auction.  This will be held at Pete Spence’s farm on Woodhouse Lane in their indoor school.  If you don’t know where this is give me a call.

Riding & Road Safety

Well done to those people who completed and passed the Riding & Road Safety Course which has been held at the start of the summer.

Horse Tax

Its good news on the proposed horse tax that the old Labour Government were going to slap on to horse owners.  This has now been knocked on the head and a more fairer way of raising money for animal disease is being looked at.