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Yet More problems at Black Dads

posted 28 Aug 2015, 10:24 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 30 Sept 2019, 07:16 by Gill Morrell ]
Unfortunately no photograph of the three riders riding through Black Dads today 28th August 2015 (about 10.40) were taken so the culprits can not be identified.
The riders rode across the garden on the Bridlepath from Nabbs Wife to Ashworth Valley. Instead of remaining in single file on the stoned path they chose instead to ride on the grass with disastrous affect of causing hoof marks and indentation in the lawn (see attached photo)
When tackled by the occupant of Black Dads they stated the path is not wide enough (which is untrue if you rode along it in single file). In addition they retorted "get a life". Such behaviour does nothing to encourage land owners and other users of bridlepaths to work with the horse community to ensure all communities can continue to enjoy our wonderful countryside.
In the past the occupant has carried a large quantity of stones down into the valley to fill in a deep gully caused by a heavy rain storm. Do you think the above behaviour will encourage him to continue to try and maintain the path for us horse riders?
My horses occasionally break into my garden and I know from bitter experience how the indentations left are not only unsightly but makes lawn cutting a very difficult task as the mower grapples with the changing levels of ground. At least they are my horses that I am cursing. Imagine how a person who does not own any horses will feel when they experience this affect.
Hopefully the three riders were not bridleways members. If you know who they might be please could you take the time to explain how their irresponsible behaviour might affect the quite riding of all horse riders in the area and encourage them to be a bit more responsible.