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E-Mail re Caldershaw Road

posted 8 Nov 2012, 12:22 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 23 Jan 2013, 12:11 ]
The following e-mail has been received from a member of the public regarding the grass opposite St Vincent School at Caldershaw. Please can all members take note and pass on to anyone else you know who might use this grass. It is important that all users of an amenity are considerate and think about the other users.I am sure all of our members are considerate but please pass on the word.

Good morning,
My comments relate to the small piece of land on Cladershaw Road immediately
opposite St Vincents church in Norden, Rochdale.
This land (measuring approx 150 x 80yds) is used by children in the local area for
play and dog owners to excercise their pets. The main majority of dog owners
appreciate that children play on the area and pick up any dogs mess.
Unfortunately we are seeing an increasing number of horse riders using the area
to gallop. This causes deep hoof prints in the ground, unfortunately this is made
doubly worse by the fact that the area is extremely wet. Some hoof prints are 6"
in depth.
This causes several problems :
The hoof prints cause young children to trip over as they walk to school.
Children cannot play on the area when horses are there.
The hoof prints fill up with water and make the ground even wetter.
Dogs get injured. My own border collie whilst running round the area put his foot
into a deep hoof print. The result was what the specialist described as one of the worst
breaks he had ever seen on my dogs right leg. Ten weeks in plaster, six month recovery
period and a bill in excess of £2,500.00.
Please could your association politely ask its members not to gallop or canter across
the area. Walking around the perimeter is not an issue and would be appreciated. I
realise that these riders may not be members of the association however if you could
just pass the word around we would all be grateful. Somebody will know who they are.
Photo enclosed. It was a long slow and painful recovery. 
There is enough room for everybody if we all think how our actions impact on others.
Thank you.