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Rendezvous Ride


27 May 2018

Rendezvous Point – Lane Head, Rooley Moor Road, Rochdale 12.30 pm

The Pennine Rendezvous dates back to 1989 and is the brain-child of The National Federation of Bridleways Associations. In 2018 RBBA will host the rendezvous which will take place at Catley Lane Head on Rooley Moor Road, Norden. The idea of the rendezvous is for riders to converge from all points of the compass and meet together. Each participant will receive a rosette.

For more information on past Pennine Rendezvous visit

 This year 4 rides are on offer.

·         1) - from Waterfoot, organised by FORBA

The FORBA route is to follow the Mary Towneley Loop all the way into the rendezvous, returning via Lee Quarry. People could get there on their own but will probably need to follow someone to get back across the quarry unless they return the same way. 

             Contact Chris Peat at FORBA for more details on

                or phone 07811 279 092

  2) - from Burnley, organised by Burnley Bridleways Association

 Contact Cosima Towneley for more details on

   or phone 07817 725976

 3) - from Wardle and Milnrow organised by Wardle Bridleways Association and Milnrow Bridleways Association

             Contact Sarah Bamber ( or Nicola Tonge

              ( for more details or visit Milnrow and Newhey Bridleways Association website on


·        4) -  from Birtle organised by RBBA

Starting from Elbut Lane, the route crosses the Ashworth Valley at Nabb’s Wife (river crossing) and joins Ashworth Road along Black Dads. It then goes south down Ashworth Road to pick up School Lane and by using Furbarn Lane access the A680 through Norden village at the cross at the bottom of Woodhouse Lane. Crossing the main road the route goes up Shawfield Lane to access the bridleway through Shawfield Stones onto Caldershaw Road and then on to Rooley Moor Road to get to the rendezvous.

The return journey comes down Woodhouse Road to access the A680 via Heap Road. Crossing the main road the route passes through Wolstenholme and then past Millcroft Tea Rooms and Lea Holme to get back onto the A680 just north of Nutters Restaurant. A short trip up the A680 (there is a pavement) to get onto Meadowcroft Lane and so follow the bridleways past Rough Lea Farm and onto Ashworth Road just east of the reservoir dam. Ashworth Road is followed southwards to pick up the bridleway down Splash Lane to get back to Birlte through Nabbs Wife again and so onto Elbut Lane.

              Contact Irene Pope for more details (


·        5)  a circular ride from Lane Head and arriving back at Lane Head for the rendezvous.


               Contact Irene Pope for more details (

 Closing date 20 May 2018

 Entry  fee £10.00    Entry forms can be downloaded from the RBBA website.

Rosettes will be given out by The Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Warren Smith.

A third of the money raised after expenses will be donated to the RBBA  2018 charity  the North West Air Ambulance.


Ÿ   All riders must ensure they are wearing a hard hat, fastened, at all times when mounted and this must be at least PAS 015 or any of the following standards:  VGL 01.40 / ASTMF 1163 / Snell E 2001 / AS / NZS 3838.

Ÿ  All riders must wear the correct footwear for riding.

Ÿ  All riders must wear HI VIZ clothing

Ÿ  All riders must sign the disclaimer when entering the ride.


Ÿ  No stallions are permitted.

Ÿ  All horses and ponies must be a minimum of 4 years old.

Ÿ  All horses and ponies must be in good condition and be fit enough to carry out the work required.

Ÿ  All horses’ and ponies’ hooves must be shod or dressed correctly.

Ÿ  All tack must be in a safe, serviceable condition.


Ÿ  An adult must accompany all children below the age of 18 years.

Ÿ  The organisers must be informed of any change of rider / horse after the entry and any extra fees paid.

Ÿ  The decision of the ride organiser is final.

Ÿ  The Ride Marshalls instructions must be adhered to at all times as they are for the health and safety of all.

Ÿ  Follow the Countryside Code at all times – no litter, close all gates.

Ÿ  Please remove rubbish and horse droppings from around your trailer / horse box and take it home with you!!

Ÿ  The ride routes are on public bridleways and tracks. Therefore please show consideration to pedestrians, cyclists etc.

Ÿ  When approaching other riders and walkers please slow down to a walk - when coming from behind please warn them of your intention to pass. Keep at a walk in busy areas.


I consider myself to be on a private hack and do not hold the organisers or the land owner responsible for any injury, damage or loss incurred as a result of the Event. I also undertake to make good any loss or damage caused by my animals, vehicles, my assistants, or myself to stock or the environment whilst on this ride.

  [ Copy enclosed unless BHS Gold Member.] and that I have read and understand the rules.

 Please enclose with application proof of Public Liability Insurance if not BHS Gold Member. 

Entries will not be accepted without proof.


All participants must have 3rd part insurance and wear hi-viz and a hard hat on the ride. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.


Refreshments will be available to buy.

Toilets will be available.

See attached word document for entry form.

Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association,
21 Mar 2018, 14:20