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BHS Riding & Road Safety

Following a very interesting talk by Penny Ridley at the March Bridleways meeting, we once again ran another course leading to 5 candidates achieving their BHS Riding & Road Safety Test. Congratulations to them all as they really deserved to pass following all the hard work they put in.
Thanks go to Karen Whittle at Waterloo Farm for her kindly allowing us use of her facilities throughout the training and on the examination day.
We currently have no more plans to run another course but if you are interested give your name to Gill Morrell or e-mail us at and if there is enough interest who knows we may run the course again.


Why do the Test


  1. Give yourself the skills needed to ride safely on the Road
  2. Be more in Control of your Safety
    – Recognize Hazards
    – Know how to avoid Danger
    – Know what to do when in the face of Danger
    A car is a metal box, A horse is a living animal ---- Who do you think will come off worse in an Accident?
    Give You and Your Horse the Best Chance to Survive on the Road
  3. A lot of Horse Insurances now place a lot of credence on the Test as proof of Competence.


It may not be the cheapest thing to do BUT what price on Safety?


The Test itself costs £35.

Training costs a further £40

Finally there is a book to buy at £8.99


Rochdale & Bury Bridleways though take your Safety seriously.

To encourage all children age over 12 years but still in fulltime education we offered to pay their exam fee. What better way to keep our children safe than equip them with essential skills at a knockdown price.


The Course commenced on Thursday 6th May 2010 and ran most Thursdays until the test date on Thursday 22nd July 2010.  

We also ran the course in 2005 and those attending, as well as equipping themselves with the skills needed, had a GREAT AMOUNT OF FUN!!!!!!!

The BHS provide information on the parts of the Highway Code relating to horses BHS_Document
A copy of the highway code can be downloaded from here Highway Code