Overall Placings
1st Danielle Marshall
2nd Joan Snowden
3rd Suzanne Davis
4th Robina Melling
5th Gwen Mann
6th Gabrielle Broome
Pairs Competition
1st Joan Snowden & Gwen Mann
2nd Carol Pritchard & Danielle Marshall
3rd Gabrielle Broome & Robina Melling
4th Suzanne Davis & Jo Graham
5th Rosie & Jessica Morrell
6th Brian Parker & Jayne Denham
Best PTV Score
1st Deborah Connell
2nd Gill Ridings
3rd Joan Snowden
4th Rajen Dalal
5th Sarah Whitehead
6th Lisa Kearn
Best Placed Under 18
Danielle Marshall
For those who did not stay for the prize giving Rosettes will be available at the next Meeting on the 26th September or e-mail your addresses and we can put them in the post.
Hopefully the Excell spreadsheet is now just 4 pages long (It was 140 pages with most being blank) One page for each phase and one for overall placings. I have coloured 1st place in Red, 2nd in Blue, 3rd in yellow, 4th in green , 5th in orange, 6th in lilac so you can see at a glance the individual placings.
Well done to all competitors. The attached spreadsheet gives the final results for all phases
Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association,
3 Sept 2011, 00:34