Press Release


On August Bank Holiday Monday Rochdale Bury Bridleways Association held a Le Trec event , kindly hosted and sponsored by Robinsons Equestrian Centre on Castle Hill Road, Birtle. The event was held to raise funds  needed  to improve a local bridleway.  In Le Trec, which, as the name suggests, has originated in France, the riders had to find their way around a 7 mile route using their map reading skills -  orienteering  on horse back. After their 2 hour ride and a short rest ,riders  had to demonstrate their skills at controlling the speeds of their mounts in walk and canter in a field over a 150m straight course.  This was shortly followed by an obstacle course in which horse and rider had to negotiate a series obstacles which they might meet on a ride in the countryside in the quickest time they could manage.

30 horses and riders from as far away as Blackpool turned out on a rather chilly and breezy day. Each competitor had 4 hours of competition ahead of them , those riding towards the end of the day getting decidedly wet as the rain came sheeting down. The volunteer helpers had a much longer day but completed their tasks efficiently to keep the event  running smoothly. Everyone successfully completed the orienteering phase but some horses decided some of the obstacles were far too scary to attempt  even though  their riders were giving them every encouragement. The winning partnerships made these difficult tasks look easy and deserved their success. Whether the riders won or lost they all decided that they had had a good day out.