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Cowm Reservoir Ride 2010



7 riders met for the ride over to Cowm on a lovely sunny Sunday morning with a nice selection of trusty steeds.  The beginning of the ride took us through Prickshaw and down onto the old railway lines and on to Cowm Park Way.  We then started climbing up to the reservoir via Tonge Lane.  Half way up I spotted a yellow AA sign advertising a Triathlon Event on yep.. Sunday, 20th June at Cowm Reservoir.  Oh Joy.  We rounded the corner to be faced with a mass of people, a loud speaker and the starting tent across the gateway to the bridleway.

Two of our riders actually rode their steeds through the starting tent, which probably triggered a start time for their run.... the organisers are probably still out looking for two missing runners!  The rest of us managed to squeeze through a small gap between a blowing tent and a transit van (NICE).

Most of the entrants had already completed their run (luckily) but there were some stragglers coming through.  The horses were all very well behaved, mine doesn’t like the motorboat and water skier much and did a lovely dressage demonstration all the way alongside the water but hey, how often do they get to see motorboats dragging a person behind.

Halfway along the bridleway we came across two blow up dolls (YES).  One of them was sort of in the bushes with her arms out obviously waiting for the other one.  Something else you don’t see in the country every day.  We stopped at the top end of Cowm for a picnic (some of us) and the rest of us looked on longingly and chatted to one of the triathlon marshals for half an hour.

We then took the concessionary bridleway which goes along the back of Cowm and down to Hallfold.  Unfortunately the path at the back of Wallbank is too overgrown to use at the moment so we had to go along Wallbank Drive where we encountered a youth on a tiny motorbike who actually totally ignored our request to stop while we went past and proceeded to speed past us one way and then came back the other way.  Nice boy, as you can imagine he got some really nice comments and thanks from us.