October 2020

posted 29 Dec 2020, 06:33 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways

Committee Meeting – 22nd October 2020 (On-line)

Present: Barbara Brown
Gill Morrell

Irene Pope

Lesley Tierney

Apologies: Val Johnston

Gwen Mann

Hayley Oliver
Pat Tough

  • Minutes of Previous Meeting

    Ok to be posted on website.

  • Matters Arising

    As Barbara had already sold two vests it was agreed via Whatsapp to charge for the new vests.

  • Secretary’s Report

    Nothing to report.

  • Treasurer’s Report

    Gill had distributed accounts prior to the meeting.  Income was down due to a lower number of members and two big outgoings, ie keys and locks, new bibs.

  • Website

    Nothing to report.

  • Rochdale Rights of Way

    Northdene Drive

    PT has put in a freedom of information request to see the objections to this DMMO but has not heard anything.  PT to chase up and copy in the Bamford Councillors.   PT

    Crimble – barbed wire removed by local residents.  PT to send copy of the Act to Chris Clarkson and the lady who was accompanying him.   PT

    Chadwick Lane – awaiting details from Pat.   PT

  • Cudworths

    GM to ask if they will give us a 10% discount in exchange for free advertising on Facebook Page and website.   GM

  • Manchester Horse Directoryse Directory

    Gill had received an emailing asking for confirmation of our contact details and asked BB if she was ok with phone number being included.  BB confirmed it was ok.

  • Operation Dragster

    Gill/Irene explained what this was and said they want to put gates on the moor to try to trap illegal off-roaders.  A donation has been requested.  Subject to agreement with other Committee Members it was agreed to give them £250.  IP to email all committee for agreement.   IP

  • Spring Mill

    Path and bridleway are blocked.  IP had found an extension to path closure until August 2021.  Lancashire and Rossendale Councils are aware of our interest to make sure that the bridleway comes into existence.

    IP reported that the footpath diversion procedure was in place to move it onto the new bridleway.  BB to go down and get a picture of the notice.   BB

  • Bury Rights of Way

    Hollins Vale – Following a discussion it was agreed to write to the Chief Executive Officer of Viridor but put what is wanted at the beginning of the letter.

Clean Air Act

The consultation period runs until 8th November.  Send letters to own MP’s.   All