June 2020

posted 29 Dec 2020, 06:19 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways   [ updated 29 Dec 2020, 06:23 ]

Committee Meeting – 24th June 2020

Present: Barbara Brown
Val Johnston

Gill Morrell

Hayley Oliver

Irene Pope

Lesley Tierney

Pat Tough

Apologies: Gwen Mann

  • Rochdale Rights of Way.

    New Gate at the top of Woodhouse Lane.  The gate has been installed the wrong way round (ie it opens next to the cattle grid).  Following a discussion it was decided to leave it as it was as it has always been like this with no problem.

    Willowmead gate.  Gwen has been down to fix it and is going to go again to finish the job.

    Knacks Lane Cattle Grid – this is an illegal obstruction as carriage drivers have no way of getting down the restricted byway.  IP to send map from Land Registry to Hayley to ascertain who the land at the side is owned by.  Hayley to obtain a proper gate catch to install. IP/HO

    Northdene Drive - PT has emailed Julie Simpson asking for sight of any objections.  No reply to date, PT to follow up. PT

    Plumpton - BB to drop off the evidence forms which have been returned to her. BB

Wild Play Area in Spodden Valley play area plan has been withdrawn for the second time,

Crimble Lane – New fencing installed recently has made the bridleway too narrow.  PT has reported to Julie Simpson.  Also, the wire is on the wrong side of the fence posts, Julie has instructed the landowner to change it.  If this doesn’t happen we should escalate to Chris Clarkson (MP) who has shown an interest in what is going on here. PT

IP asked Gill if she could check with Nigel when she could send letter to Mark Robinson. GM

GM confirmed to IP that Splash Lane is still closed.

GM to follow up the extension of the greenway on the railway lines to Rochdale. GM

BB had a quote for some new bibs, £4.50 each based on purchasing 60.  HO going to get another quote for bibs with zips/pockets. HO

Parking restrictions have been requested on Overtown Lane.  GM to email Jim Gartside to make sure horse riders are not adversely affected. GM

  • Bury Rights of Way

    Bradshaw Hill – 3 houses planned with access onto the bridleway.  IP has written with an alternative suggestion of a communal driveway parallel to the bridleway.

    Bently Hall Road (restricted byway) – a DMMO has been put in and the farmer is intimidating riders.  Riders have been asked to report all instances to the police.  David Chadwick to write to the landowner.

    Haweswater Acqaduct – planning to close bridleways whilst work is carried out, only alternative route would be via the main road.  Awaiting consultation.

    Bury Online article which quoted Irene.  IP has sent an email to the report but has not received a reply.

IP has 3 DMMO’s nearly ready, probably the last ones.

Future Meetings

We will have a meeting in July if the weather is good.  Possibly hold inside at Lanehead Stables if not.