July 2020

posted 29 Dec 2020, 06:25 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways

Committee Meeting – 16th July 2020

Present: Barbara Brown
Val Johnston
Gwen Mann

Gill Morrell

Hayley Oliver

Irene Pope

Lesley Tierney

Pat Tough


  • Minutes of Previous Meeting

    Bentley Hall Road – IP did not ask DC to contact the landowner, he volunteered.  BB to amend minutes prior to them being published on the website. BB

    IP has not had any further contact with the lady who raised the issue initially.

    The gates at Fisherfield, Willowmead Way and Knacks still need looking at.  HO/GM to get in touch with JS (Julie.simpson@rochdale.gov.uk).

  • Matters Arising

    IP has sent letter to Mark Robinson; she needs to send a copy to Norden Councillors. IP

    Gill gave an update on Splash Lane closure.  Work has been carried out installing tiger traps on all entrances but now awaiting confirmation that the closure notice has been lifted.  GM to contact JS. GM

  • Secretary’s Report

    Nothing to report.

  • Treasurer’s Report

    Nothing to report.

  • Website

    Nothing to report.

  • Committee Etiquette

    IP had issued a document prior to the meeting and asked for any comments and/or changes needed to it.

    Paragraph 1 – change “challenge” to “comment

    Decisions – the Chair should vote last and in the event of a tie has casting vote.
    – Any comment on social media by a member of the committee should   start with “in my opinion

    Correspondence – All correspondence should be shared with ALL committee members.

    E-Mails – All committee member should reply to sender only confirmation   that they have received an email.  If making any comment they   should reply to all.

  • Future Communication

    Following a discussion it was agreed that we should use WhatsApp where possible.  If someone has a document to send via email a WhatsApp message advising same should be sent.

  • Crimble

    PT confirmed that JS had contacted the landowner to get rid of undergrowth and widen the bridleway where it is too narrow.  The belief is that this won’t happen therefore it was agreed that PT should contact Chris Clarkson (MP). PT

    PT to ask JS if she can see the Statement for the bridleway to see if the width of the way is show. PT

    A member of the public (K Stockport) is doing a DMMO for the field.  We have offered to give her advice.

    PT stated there was an ongoing problem with motorbikes on Crimble Lane and asked who should she contact for some Section 59 signs.  IP confirmed JS, PT

  • Northdene Drive

    PT had asked to see the objections to this upgrade.  JS checking with Legal Dept to see if she can let her see them.  IP gave PT documents which confirm that she is entitled to see them.  Gill to find out when the order is actually Confirmed. PT/GM

  • Facebook Posts

    BB to check comments for accuracy and advise corrections as necessary.

  • Plumpton

    PT asked Committee if she could take the Plumpton upgrade documentation to IP’s for checking.  This was agreed. PT/IP