January 2020

posted 29 Dec 2020, 06:09 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways

Committee Meeting – 23rd January 2020

Present: Barbara Brown

Heidi Jepson

Val Johnston

Gill Morrell

Irene Pope

Lesley Tierney

Apologies: Pat Tough

Copies: Gwen Mann 

Hayley Oliver

  • Minutes of Previous Meeting

    Minutes ok to be published on website. GM

  • Secretary’s Report

    2 members have already paid.

  • Treasurer’s Report

    The accounts for 2019 were discussed.

  • Website

    Annual fee has been paid.

  • Rochdale Rights of Way.

    Furbarn Lane, evidence forms have been submitted to RMBC,  Julie Simpson is going through it. The Rake not included.

Plumpton Cottages is the next one to submit, most of the evidence stopped in 2008.  GM will check with Julie Simpson if the evidence forms we already have can be updated. GM

Northdene Drive, GM had discussed with Julie S about people being accosted.  Should be reported to the police and an incident number logged.  Notices should be put up soon.

Spodden Valley play area plan.  IP to send letter. IP

Rochdale Planning – Housing & Leisure Report.  IP to respond. IP

IP reported that all of Rochdale Finance Act maps are available on BHS website library.

  • Bury Rights of Way

    Two applications ready to be submitted in Unsworth and possibly one other.

    Walmsley Golf Club are not interested in dedicating.  IP has evidence ready to submit.

    Widening of bridleway near Gorse Quarry went to planning committee and is being described as an access road incorporating a bridleway.  Should be bridleway incorporating an access road.  IP has spoken to David Chadwick.  The application has been approved.

    Pass Wide & Slow Ride in Ainsworth – LT reported she had a couple of riders interested.

    IP is thinking of going to see Bury’s new MP to lobby about the Agriculture Bill, in particular public funded cycleways and access for horseriders, 2026 cut-off and DMMO processing.

    IP had produced a business card.  IP to send to BB for printing. IP

  • Social

    January – AGM
    February – Simon Constable
    March – Feed Rep?

April – Photo Show/Quiz
May – Rendezvous Ride (24th May)

VJ to speak to Church Inn about having meetings after March there. VJ

  • Any Other Business

    AGM Election of Officers
    Treasurer’s Report

Next Meeting

Thursday, 20th February – Church Inn, Birtle