February 2020

posted 29 Dec 2020, 06:14 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways

Committee Meeting – 20th February 2020

Present: Rebecca Ashton

                Barbara Brown

        Rachel Culshaw

        Gwen Mann

        Gill Morrell

        Hayley Oliver

        Irene Pope

                Lesley Tierney

            Pat Tough

Apologies: Val Johnston
Claire Mableson

Kayleigh Mableson

  • Minutes of Previous Meeting

    Minutes ok to be published on website. GM

  • Secretary’s Report

    32 Members.

    BB wanted it minuting that the money spent on stamps for the Furbarn upgrade had been agreed by the majority of Committee Members in December.

    Emails to be sent from Googlemail account.  Gill to let Barbara have the password.

    All Committee Members to get all emails.

  • Treasurer’s Report

    Money from membership has been received and banked.  GM currently trying to resolve a problem with the bank mandate.

  • Website

    Gill would be happy to get some help with the website.  IP to arrange meeting with GM to look at this in March. IP/GM

  • Rochdale Rights of Way.

    PT waiting for statements to be returned for Plumpton Cottages.  It was decided to concentrate on this at Monday’s meeting.  Need to get in touch with people who filled in evidence forms in 2008 to see if they can amend their statements.  BB to put request on Facebook and ask for any forms taken at the last meeting to be returned on Monday. BB

Spodden Valley play area plan has been withdrawn,

PT reported that there is a plan to create a zoo around Hopwood Hall.  Need to keep an eye on this as there is a bridleway which goes around Hopwood Hall. PT

GM reported that she had received an email from a Mr Foster about resurfacing the path adjacent to Whittaker Moss School following upgrade to bridleway.  She had replied explaining the DMMO process to him.

Northdene Drive – notices have not yet been put up.

A discussion took place about changing the keys on the concessionary rides.  It was agreed to buy 10 padlocks and keys.  It was also agreed to buy some more bibs in a different colour.

BB to let Gwen know how many members have got keys. BB

  • Bury Rights of Way

    IP had submitted another 3 DMMO’s in at the Bury LAF Meeting on 19th February.

    Widening of bridleway near Gorse Quarry went to planning committee and is being described as an access road incorporating a bridleway.  Should be bridleway incorporating an access road.  IP to get advice from BHS. IP

    IP reported that Bury Council had received a direction order from the Secretary of State giving them 6 months to look at the 6 DMMO’s submitted in 2017.  They haven’t done anything yet and are having a meeting to discuss at the end of February.  IP to ask the BHS what happens if they do the work in time. IP

    Elton Reservoir Claim – the order has been given and now has to go to Public Inquiry.  They have not yet sent it to PINS but have passed it to a barrister to look at.

    Lowes Road – the golf club want to tarmac it and take out the speed bumps.  They have said that it will be non-slippy tarmac.  IP has asked for a 10mph speed limit and asked if some signs can be put up.  David Chadwick to speak to the Highways Department.

  • Social

    March –Naf Feed Rep?
    April – Simon Constable
    May – Pass Wide & Slow Ride in Ainsworth (10th May)
    May – Rendezvous Ride (24th May)
    May – Bibs & Keys for Concessionary Ride
    November - Naylors

  • Agriculture Bill

    IP explained what was happening on this.

  • Any Other Business


Next Meeting

Thursday, 19th March – Church Inn, Birtle