August 2020

posted 29 Dec 2020, 06:32 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways

Committee Meeting – 26th August 2020

Present:          Gwen Mann

Gill Morrell

Hayley Oliver

Irene Pope

Lesley Tierney

Pat Tough

Apologies:        Barbara Brown


  • Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes were accepted as being a true account of the meeting

  • Matters Arising


  • Secretary’s Report

    Nothing to report.

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    Nothing to report.

  • Website

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  • Rochdale Rights of Way

Shawfield/Willowmead gates. A member of the public, Lynn Howarth, contacted Julie Simpson about the gates. The Willowmead gate is bad. Julie is getting contractors in.

Hayley to send a photographic report to Julie.                                                               HO

Splash Lane – is now officially open. The narrow section is challenging. The worry is that legs and feet may be injured. Julie Simpson has been told and is waiting for complaints before taking any action. 

Pat is going to complain.                                                                                                PT

Hayley and Gwen to walk it and then complain.                                                      HO/GM

Healey Dell cycleway – no further developments.

Spodden Valley Playscheme.  A new application has been submitted for this. Irene to send our letter in with additional comments concerning lack of reference to horse warning signs in the published documents.                                                                 IP

Tree branches on the Mary Townely Loop through the area are very low and need to be trimmed.  Irene to e-mail Chris Peat about this.                                                          IP

Crimble The fence and overgrowth of vegetation near the stream have not been sorted. Pat has e-mailed Julie about this.

Northdene Drive  Pat has done an FOI to find out what objections there are to this DMMO.

Plumpton Cottages DMMO Evidence forms have been completed. Irene is going through them, recording the data in a table and scanning each form. Landowners addresses have also been discovered from the Land Registry for most plots of land. Names need to be discovered by looking at the Electoral Register. Information for 4 plots may need to bought at a cost of £12.

Chadwick Lane area. Bridleway HeyBP67 is interrupted by 2 footpaths. Pat has e-mailed Julie Simpson asking if any upgrades have been made to make this bridleway a continuous through route. Also a non-definitive route into a quarry that Pat has used for 50 years has been blocked by A-frames. Pat has asked Julie about this too.

Furbarn Lane Gill rang Julie Simpson about this DMMO and has been told that Julie has spent many hours trying to decipher the evidence and does not know when this DMMO will be brought before Township Committee.

Martlett Avenue.  Bridleway 6a appears to be obstructed by a gate and a low wall where it joins bridleways 7 and 7a.

Bury Rights of Way

Simister Island Irene completed the consultation document for the proposed improvements to motorway Junction 18 at Simister Island and added some pages requesting a multi-user non-vehicular bridge to be added to link Mode Hill Lane and Egypt Lane. Also requested that the footpath bridge across the motorway on bridleway 27aPRE be replaced by a bridleway bridge.

Haweswater Aqueduct Irene took part in a video conference hosted by UU about the Haweswater Aqueduct refurbishment. We were able to describe possible conflict areas between horse riders and construction traffic in the Walmersley area and on Castle Hill Road. UU seemed to take our worries on board.


GM Clean Air Plan RBBA have become aware of the possible financial consequences for equestrians who use horse boxes of the proposed GM Clean Air Plan. It has been suggested that a levy of £10 for light horse boxes under 3.5t and £60 for those over 3.5t per day will be charged if they are used within the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone. We propose to lobby to get Private HGVs removed from the scheme.


It was decided at this meeting that new members would receive free tabards when they join but replacement tabards for existing members and those re-joining will be charged cost price..

Future committee meetings Now autumn is imminent we will no longer be able to have

 al -fresco meetings. Gill is going to investigate the use of Norden Library or we may have to go back to video calls.