September 2019

posted 31 Jan 2020, 06:09 by Gill Morrell

Committee Meeting – 24th September 2019


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Irene Pope

Lesley Tierney

Pat Tough
Heidi Jepson

                        Val Johnston

                        Gill Morrell

                        Irene Pope

Lesley Tierney

Pat Tough

Copies:            Gwen Mann

Hayley Oliver


·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes ok to be published on website.                                                                            GM

·         Secretary’s Report

No change in membership.

·         Treasurer’s Report

£412.01 up on last year.  BHS money not yet received as far as we know.  IP has spent £90 so we need to make sure we get the funds.

·         Website

Nothing going on website because no-one is sending anything.

·         Rochdale Rights of Way

Valley of Stones Greenway – Julie Simpson didn’t know anything about it.  Ian Trickett has stated it is nothing to do with them and any query should be directed to Highways.  GM had spoken to Councillor Kieran Heaken and they will discuss at meeting on 24th September.

Motorway crossings not mentioned at ROW Meeting.  Information has been sent to Mark Weston, no response yet.

Legal Dept are in the process of sending out a definitive map.

Next ROW meeting is 12th December.

PT rode “Under the Pipe last week, the barrier is still the same height.  All riding school ponies are going over it.  GM following up with Julie Simpson about this and the water on Harwood Fields.

PT stated that someone had complained about the step-over at Chesham Park.  IP said no-one had complained before and it had been there for years.

Furbarn Lane – GM has the evidence forms.  It was agreed to put all routes on the same claim.  Need to get together early November.

Passing Horses Safely – GM to send an article about GM Police to Rochdale On-line and some Councillors.  GM to send them some comments from us.

The gates from Leeholme are too close to Edenfield Road.  It was agreed to try to get them moved back a bit.  We would fund gateposts, etc.

·         Bury Rights of Way

RBBA are next on the Council’s DMMO list, but they have no time to do it.  Sent to Councillor Cropper who backs the idea of getting another person.  The Inspector is going to decide how to proceed.

Hawkshaw Lane – not replied to response but going ahead with the upgrade.

21BUR – IP had written to Walmsley Golf Club, they are still thinking about it.  They have passed our request to a local person to look at it.

Planning application re-submitted for road widening at Gorse’s Quarry has not yet gone to Planning Committee.  IP has objected to surface and grids and also asked about the reference to “Highway Criteria”.

IP looking at a route near Simister over the motorway.  There is a possibility of there being a cycleway but not sure if horses can use it.

·         NFB Meeting

Cosi has got 75 boxes of documents from Sue Hogg which need to be archived.  It will cost approximately £5,000.  It was agreed that we would donate £50.

Cosi is lobbying to get access for horses on Canal towpaths.

Next year’s Rendevous Ride is being done by Wardle on 24th May.

Kay Bruce had asked IP to look at some cycle routes and wants her to look at what the routes are defined as.  A lot of them were on footpaths.  IP going to raise this at the next LAF meeting and ask how it can be done locally.

·         Social

October –chat night.

·         Any Other Business

IP has a newsletter ready to be sent out.  She will forward to BB.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, 22nd October.