June 2019

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Committee Meeting – 4th June 2019


Present                Heidi Jepson

                                Val Johnston     

Irene Pope

Lesley Tierney

                                Pat Tough

Apologies:           Barbara Brown

                        Gwen Mann

                                Gill Morrell

Copies: Hayley Oliver




    Minutes of Previous Meeting


Minutes ok to be published on website.           

 Secretary’s Report


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  Treasurer’s Report


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6.  Rochdale Rights of Way


Rochdale ROW meeting 


Notes from GM


·         Raised about the fact Knacks Lane had not been included in the minutes of the last meeting. Julie explained that as it had already been raised as a formal complaint it had been logged on the Council ROW Issue list, the complainant had had a response and there was no point in recording it in two places. I checked if it had been recorded on the ROW issue list that they were going to keep an eye on the tarmac situation for a greater period than the initial proposed 3 months and Julie confirmed this was the case.

·         Woodtop has been confirmed. Signs will form part of the surveys going on this year see below.

·         Northdene is still in with legal to get OK to proceed with order.

·         I raised about the status of the path from Mutal Street to Heywood Cricket Club. Julie explained that when she is talking with developers she points out routes which horse (or walkers) have used for many years and suggests they treat them as ROW. This is the approach she would be taking at Crimble Mill.

Other points raised at the meeting


·         Julie explained that she is being a lot harsher with repairs to paths which are also access to farms. She requires a contribution to any work from residents with Council only paying a similar amount to what would need spending for the status of the route. If Residents won’t contribute then Council are not doing anything re the surface (provided that safety is not compromised) as any work would be eroded by vehicles using access. If necessary she would use enforcement if safety is an issue.

·         Julie is getting harder on developers. She has tried speaking nicely to Taylor Wimpey doing development at Broad Lane with no results she has now placed enforcement on them either they keep the path clear or apply for temporary closure. Since then she has had constructive conversations regarding their plans post development ie potentially redirecting the ROW. If it goes to redirection the ROW meeting will be consulted before agreeing to any diversion.

·         Julie has started a local Rights of Way Improvement plan which she hopes to get to the meeting in draft sometime this FY. Members will then be able to comment and contribute before the plan is issued. The plan is that hopefully they will be able to survey the routes annually provided they have enough budget. Trafford does this BUT they only have 200 paths, Rochdale has 1800

·         Last year the Council concentrated on cutting back vegetation on all rights of way which was completed in March. This next year they are concentrating on signposting and way marks. All paths in Rochdale will be surveyed to find out the scope of what is needed. Harriet has done this already for Littleborough and is moving onto Milnrow. Julie will be doing Middleton.

·         Harriet’s apprenticeship ends April 2020 but it is hoped Council will employ her somewhere. Julie is hoping she will get another Apprentice to replace Harriet.

·         An off the record comment from someone in legal has indicated that the definitive map might be done by June. Julie is going to wait and see if this does occur and if it does she will start conversations with IT to see when it can be made available on line. Watch this space.

·         Next Meeting Thursday 8th August at 6.30





Valley of Stone Greenway at Healey Dell


Chris Peat asked at a meeting in Rossendale about horse access along the Greenway through Healey Dell and she was told it was a matter for Rochdale Council to decide. Nigel Morrell has offered to approach local ward councillors  and it was agreed to take up his offer.



Designation of track/ road from Heywood Cricket club to Mutual street.


This track is not on the DM, List of Streets, is not adopted and has no name. It has a footpath and bridleway joining it near to Heywood Cricket Club so needs to have legal access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. It was agreed to make a DMMO application on User Evidence. PT to take charge.


Furbarn Lane


This application is at the stage of finding out which landowners need notifying. It was not agreed who would take on this job.


Plumpton Wood evidence forms – no further action on this claim until Furbarn Lane has been submitted. PT to take charge.




Woodtop has been confirmed. Signs will form part of the surveys going on this year.


Rooley Moor Gate


It was reported that the bridleway gate recently installed at the bottom of Rooley Moor Road is causing horse riders problems. The gate is rubbing on the ground and the handle is catching in reins etc.  (Action: IP e-mailed Alan Rawsterne of Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Forum who in turn informed Julie Simpson. Julie is going to go and look at the problem.)




7.  Bury Rights of Way


Bury LAF meeting – Holcombe Moor. A letter is to be sent from MP James Frith replying  to Tobias Ellwood MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister of Defence People and Veterans.


Elton Reservoir application  There are now 10 objections to this application


Just before Easter RBBA received a letter from Bury Rights of Way Officer outlining the objections submitted by an objector to this application. We were invited to comment on these objections, which we did in a 19 page response. The points we raised are going to be used to try and get the objector to withdraw their objections before the application is sent to the Secretary of State for determination.


DC has said “If the matter is sent to the Secretary of State, I believe any irrelevant objections will be returned and will not need to be considered by a Planning Inspector



 Ainsworth applications – there has been no movement by Bury Council to process these applications which were submitted over 2 years ago. We are therefore entitled to apply to the Secretary of State to ask for Bury Council to be directed to determine this application by a certain date, usually within 12 months. This is called a Direction Request under Schedule 14, paragraph 3(2) of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. We submitted  a Direction Request to the Planning Inspectorate in April. In early June PINS sent an e-mail informing IP that a letter had been sent to Bury Council asking them to put their side of the matter. They have until 15th July 2019 to reply.

Hawkshaw Lane

IP has prepared an application to upgrade the footpath from the top of Hawkshaw Lane onto Holcombe Moor through Three Acres. As only 1 landowner was involved a letter was written to that landowner asking if they would be prepared to dedicate the route as a bridleway. A phone call in reply from the landowner was not very positive but suggested a meeting between themselves, RBBA, DC and the MOD to discuss the matter. We are awaiting the date of this meeting. If talks are not successful the DMMO will be submitted to Bury Council.

(On 5th June IP received an e-mail from the landowner saying they had not forgotten the meeting but had been very busy. No word yet about a meeting by 25th June)

Old Kays

Bury Council own most of the land over which this route travels. The Council have been asked if they would dedicate the route as a bridleway (at present there are “No Horse Riding” signs off Turton Road). However we have been told that that the Parks Department is too busy. An application is prepared and will be submitted at the next LAF meeting in July.


24BUR Sandy Lane.  This application is waiting to go before Committee for decision. (IP has since heard that the applicant is making further changes and this will not go before committee before September. )


21BUR application


Evidence forms are being collected for this application.


Walshaw housing development


An application to develop 108 houses on a factory site in Walshaw includes part of bridleway 143BUR within the site boundary. In the Design and Access statement this bridleway is referred to as “a pedestrian lane (PROW)”. IP sent in a neutral letter pointing out that this PROW is actually a bridleway and nothing should be done to prevent equestrian access and also asking what measures are to be taken to prevent access by motorbikes etc onto the bridleway from the new housing.


Councillor Quinn & planning document


Nothing has been heard from Councillor Quinn about this matter!!


  Pennine Rendezvous


IP and VJ went to the Rendezvous (without horse!) and did some marshalling.

 Pass wide and slow


The 2020 date for this event is 10th May. We have decided to run a ride in the Ainsworth. LT to inform the Ainsworth Village Community Committee and seek their approval.


Next Committee Meeting 20th August 8pm.