January 2019

posted 24 Sept 2019, 03:11 by Gill Morrell   [ updated 24 Sept 2019, 03:11 ]

Committee Meeting – 15th January 2019


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Val Johnston

                        Gwen Mann

Gill Morrell

Hayley Oliver
Irene Pope

                        Lesley Tierney

Pat Tough

Apologies:       Heidi Jepson


·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes ok to be published on website.                                                                            GM

·         Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report

·         Treasurer’s Report

Gill handed out copies of the accounts for 2019

·         Website

Website has been renewed at a cost of £11.99 a year.

·         Rochdale Rights of Way

Northdene Drive – going to Township next week.  The report in the pack is the same as last time.

Furbarn Lane, etc.  IP has collated the evidence forms, we need more.  BB to include request in email.                                                                                                                           BB

Knacks Lane – A request had been made by a local farmer for us to replace the catch on the gate as it is being left open by riders.  BB thought that the ones leaving the gate would still leave it as the main problem is going back up to close it and then backing out of the tight space available.  IP is going to raise the issue of the cattle grid and gate at the ROW meeting on Thursday.

IP to ask J Simpson why she has changed her stance on the tarmac which has been laid.

Crimble Mill – There is a proposed development on Crimble Fields and the mill.  Access is planned via the bridleway from Bolton Road.  IP has asked Tom Whitehead about using bridleways for access roads.

·         Bury Rights of Way

Elton Reservoir Claim – No update.  The LAF is tomorrow.

Ainsworth Hall Road.  Gordon Hartley has handed the upgrade over to us.  IP is handing in tomorrow along with one for Tottington and one for Affetside.

IP reported that grants of £100 are available from the BHS for upgrade claims put in during 2018/19

IP is planning to start gathering evidence for the footpath at the back of the mill near her house.

Beelines – cyclists & walkers with no mention of horse-riders.  IP advised to talk to Mike Holly as he sits on some committee in Manchester.

IP reported that the was a good page on Facebook called Horse Access Campaign.

·         Social

21st January AGM

Gill has a contact to arrange a visit to Hough End Stables.
LT to ask someone if they would do a talk on making jewellery from horsehair.            LT
HO/PT will see if someone with a water treadmill would come and give us a talk.                                                                                                                                       PT/HO
Hayley offered to take a ride out.  It was then suggested to tie in with the Pass Wide & Slow Campaign rides on 14th April.                                                                           HO

·         Any Other Business


·         Next Meeting

Tuesday, 19th February at 8.00 pm.