April 2019

posted 24 Sept 2019, 03:15 by Gill Morrell   [ updated 24 Sept 2019, 03:15 ]

Committee Meeting – 16th April 2019


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Heidi Jepson

                        Val Johnston

                        Gwen Mann

                        Gill Morrell

Irene Pope

Lesley Tierney

                        Pat Tough


Copies:            Hayley Oliver


·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes ok to be published on website.                                                                            GM

·         Secretary’s Report

To date we have 56 members

·         Treasurer’s Report

No report

·         Website

No report

·         Rochdale Rights of Way

Furbarn Lane Upgrade – IP thinks it is now good enough to submit.  Landowners names and addresses needed.  Gwen said Brent should know who owns the new houses.       GM

Plumpton Wood not yet good enough.

Rochdale ROW meeting is on 19th May – need to find out if Woodtop is confirmed yet and ask to see objections to Northdene Drive and where it is up to.  Raise that Knacks Lane tarmac and cattlegrid were not minuted in the last minutes and the alternative bridleway at Crimble Lane if the development goes ahead was not minuted.
Valley of Stones signs need to include horse riders – raise at ROW meeting.

Status of track near Heywood CC (Mutual Street) ROWMAPS doesn’t show anything.  IP to ring the Council and ask them the status.                                                                IP

Gwen reported that Joan has started to improve her path.

Gwen confirmed that Greenbooth is now open.



·         Bury Rights of Way

Elton Reservoir Claim – IP gave an update.  The public consultation has now ended.

Ainsworth Bridleways – Been in for two years.  No update/progress.

Holcombe Moor Rifle Range.  No trespassing signs have gone up.

Planning application has been re-submitted for road widening at Gorse’s Quarry.  IP has submitted a letter from RBBA.

BB to let IP have the Rochdale Online Reporter to submit a report and pictures on the Pass Wide & Slow Ride                                          .                                                           BB

LT reported the road to nowhere has been fenced off.  The landowner is going up and down harassing rides and needs reporting to the police.

House of Lords Debate – Applications in by 2026 will be sorted out.  Councils get funding from the Revenue Support Grant to process ROW work.

·         Social

GM to try to sort out a visit to Hough End Stables                                               GM

28th April – GR organised ride in Helmshore.
25th May – Pennine Rendezvous
July – Emma Scott
Aug – tbc
Sept – tbc

Hayley to try to get in touch with the Treadmill Lady.                                          HO

·         Any Other Business

LT suggested we set up a Whatsapp Group.                                                       LT

Next Meeting

Tuesday, 4th June at 8.00 pm.