September 2018

posted 24 Sept 2019, 03:32 by Gill Morrell

Committee Meeting – 24th September 2018


Present:           Barbara Brown
                        Heidi Jepson

                        Val Johnston
                        Gill Morrell
                        Gwen Mann

Irene Pope

                        Lesley Tierney

Pat Tough



·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes ok to be published on website.                                                                            GM

·         Secretary’s Report

Nothing new to report.

·         Treasurer’s Report

No report due to time constraints. 

·         Website

No report – RMBC phone number has been updated.   

·         Rochdale Rights of Way

IP asked if there had been any objections to the Woodtop upgrade.  Julie Simpson had advised that none had been received so far.

Northdene Drive is going to Township on 10th October, 6.15 pm in the Conference Suite.  BB to email members.  GM will prepare a bit of a speech and get a talking slot for the meeting.   GM

Furbarn Lane – claim from Ashbourne Street through to Clay Lane via Furbarn Lane and then Footpath 37 (The Rake) down to Jowkin Lane.  John Oliver will help with evidence.  GM to let IP have his contact details.                                                                                                             GM

BB to send out an email asking members to fill in evidence forms at our meeting in November.

We need to identify the landowners and any residents on the route.

PT gave an update from the ROW meeting held last week:

The gate at the top of Woodhouse Lane will be fixed in the next couple of weeks.~
The online map is a long way off being available.
The Council are currently concentrating their finances on National Routes and will progress work on local bridleways when they can.
PT advised them about building on Stakehill Lane which they need to keep an eye on.
The Rochdale Way is still being planned.
Birtle Quarry is ongoing.
Police on Rooley Moor recently confiscated 4 4x4’s, 6 bikes were crushed and issued 16 Section 59 notices.
Reference was made to “Paragraph 1” where you can submit a claim and leave it in abeyance until all the work is complete.  IP will look into this.                                                     IP

·         Bury Rights of Way

Elton Reservoir Claim – has been signed off.  Not to be publicised yet.
IP and LT will arrange a meeting with a local Councillor about the proposed Heritage Trail.
IP had a picture of the surface on the lane down to the motorway bridge.  David Chadwick has taken a Contractor to look at it.  IP asked if she could offer some financial help to get it down quickly.  It was felt we should wait to see what the Council do before offering to help, as its dangerous it is their responsibility to make it safe.  LT will raise it at the next LAF meeting.
Motorbike sign on Mather Road has disappeared.
Buckhurst – Ongoing.

·         Spring Mill Development

An objection has been sent in.

·         Restoring the Record

IP is attending a Restoring the Record meeting on 4th November in Stockport.  There are still places available if anyone else wants to attend.

·         Windfarm Group

IP updated on what the Windfarm Group were up to.  It was agreed that we only get involved with anything that affects a bridleway.  IP asked if we wanted to put our name on Tom Whitehead’s response to the Rossendale Plan which has earmarked the moors for windfarms.  It was agreed we should see the response before committing.  IP to get a copy.                                                                                                                               IP

·         Social

29th October Graham Steeden.    Riding Abroad
26th November – Evidence for Furbarn Lane

·         Any Other Business

IP had had an incident on the road up to Walmersley Golf Club and asked if she could ask them to put a poster up asking their members to be aware of horses on the narrow lane which leads up to the clubhouse.  Agreed.                                                      IP

·         Next Meeting

Tuesday, 23rd October at 8.00 pm.