January 2018

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Committee Meeting – 16th January 2018


Present:           Heidi Jepson

Val Johnston
Irene Pope

                        Lesley Tierney

                        Pat Tough



Apologies from Barbara Brown

                         Gwen Mann

                          Gill Morell



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Rochdale Rights of Way  


      Northdene Drive DMMO : GM had requested by e-mail a meeting with Julie Simpson about the Northdene Drive claim, with the intention of handing in the paperwork for the claim and discussing various issues that have arisen. Nothing has been heard from Julie Simpson in reply to this request.

It was therefore decided to hand in the paperwork for this claim at the Rochdale ROW meeting on 25th January 2018. IP and PT are meeting on 24th January to complete the paperwork for the claim by adding the submission date.


        PT and IP are to attend the Rochdale ROW meeting on 25th January 2018.GM?


        PT said there is a tree coming down across Woodtop which shoud be felled before it falls down completely and damages the path. PT will inform RMBC.


Bury Rights of Way


        IP and LT informed the committee that there is no news yet concerning the upgrade claim for Elton Reservoir. David Chadwick has written his report and passed it to his line manager and we believe it is waiting to go to the legal department. We were told that further news concerning this claim will be given to us at the next LAF meeting in April 2018.


         IP and LT attended the Bury LAF meeting on 10th January 2018.Information was given concerning the ROW budget for 2018: £20,000 for footpaths and £4,000 for bridleways. This money covers maintenance as well as advertising and legal fees for DMMOs.


        IP produced a map showing proposed routes for upgrading to bridleway status in the Tottington, Hawkshaw and Holcombe areas of Bury. The map shows how they link in to existing routes. The evidence for these routes is mainly historical.


         One of the proposed routes crosses Old Kays Country Park between Turton Road and Holcombe Road near Tottington. Bury Council own most of the proposed route. IP has requested that BMBC dedicate the route, which is presently a footpath, as a bridleway. As part of the proposed route is unusable at present BMBC has suggested it might be possible to divert part of the route northwards to come out onto Holly Mount Road. A problem with this is the need to replace a footbridge across a stream at a cost of £30,000. A site visit has been suggested.


           Bridleway 5RAM at the foot of Holcombe Hill that runs to the north of the rifle range has been severely eroded where Red Brook crosses the line .BMBC have put up warning signs rather than close the route. The whole section of the moor is slipping downhill. It is not possible to divert the route because the area is an SSSI. The cost of repairs will be greater than the total ROW budget for 2018.


           FORBA have two upgrade claims around Buckhurst. Information on Lancashire County Council’s ROW website shows the progress of these claims.

            Claim 804-540 (Buckhurst School to Nangreaves) – 22/10/2014 LCC made the order which produced one statutory objection to the claim.

             Claim 804-547 (Sale’s Lane and the route past Lark Mount) -24/04/2016 LCC made the order and there were no statutory objections.

Both these claims need confirmation.


National Federation of Bridleways Associations


Next meetings for 2018:    12th March at The Packhorse, 4th June (venue to be decided) and 12th November ( venue to be decided)


Rendezvous Ride  27th May 2018:


            The ride from Lanehead will probably be from Lanehead through Healey Dell past Lobden Golf Course and back through Whitworth to Lanehead.


             Insurance for the event needs to be investigated. Suggested approaching BHS but whether through FORBA or RBBA needs deciding. IP to e-mail Chris Peat about this.


              It has been suggested that we apply for a Township Grant in conjunction with Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Forum to cover costs for the event. IP to speak to GM about the answers to some questions on the form.


              Costs: First Aid cover already been arranged with Ian Parry Emergency Training


                          Toilets – would a chemical toilet in a horsebox suffice? Otherwise cost for 2

                          toilets £240


           IP to liase with Alan Rawsterne and Chris Peat.



           Possible displays: RBBA a display about the Mary Towneley Loop

                                          Farrier making shoes?

                                          Pastures New – rehabilitating ex-racehorses.



Social Calendar


29th January   AGM


26th February  Andrew Kelly  MA Rights of Way  “2026 and all that”


26th March      Nicky Marr   ex-police horse trainer/mounted police woman


27th May       NFBA  Rendezvous Ride


July or August     Treasure Hunt


September or October    Talk on side saddle riding


26th November   Xmas meal



Ellen Shaw


Ellen has come to the end of her work for the BHS on Road Safety and she has kindly offered to help us in our work.

We would be very pleased for her to help us with the legal side of our DMMOs.


BB to contact her?


Digital Mapping


RBBA have use of Memory Map for digital mapping using the BHS Licence.

Routes in Bury have been added to the BHS website “Mapmyhack”.

Routes in the Rochdale part of our area need adding. PT is to come and plot the routes she knows in the Bamford area.

Norden area?

If a link to “Mapmyhack” is put on our website people can then find out where to ride.





IP has added proposed and submitted DMMOs in the Bury area to the BHS website “Project 2016” Only routes claimed using historical evidence are recorded on this site.

A link to “Project 2026” could be added to our website. The password is 2026.






LT suggested committee meetings started at 7.30pm instead of 8pm.

A vote was taken and the change was agreed by all.


Next committee meeting


20th February 2018 at 7.30pm at The Packhorse.