August 2018

posted 24 Sept 2019, 03:28 by Gill Morrell   [ updated 24 Sept 2019, 03:31 ]

Committee Meeting – 21st August 2018


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Val Johnston

Irene Pope

                        Lesley Tierney

Pat Tough

Apologies        Heidi Jepson

Gill Morrell

                        Gwen Mann


·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Change spelling of Rawsterne and Sales’s Lane then minutes ok to be published on website.                                                                                                                    GM

·         Secretary’s Report

56 members – one new this month.
No entries received for Treasure Hunt yet.

·         Treasurer’s Report

Gill had spoken to Irene and Barbara and said that she had spoken to Barclays about online banking but they hadn’t called her back as they had promised

·         Website

No report – RMBC phone number incorrect on website needs updating.           GM

·         Rochdale Rights of Way

There had been an on-site meeting at the Quarry in Birtle just before this meeting.  They are not going to install stepovers but going to try to stop the bikes by using some boulders.

Woodtop order has been made and has been posted on the paths.

Northdene Drive is going to Township in October.  Need to find out the date.                BB

A need to upgrade Furbarn Lane has been identified.  BB agreed to put her name to it.  We need to get evidence forms filled in.  Suggested visiting yards in the area.

The next Rochdale ROW meeting is on 20th September.

PT will send the list of missing bridleway signs to Julie Simpson.

·         Bury Rights of Way

Elton Reservoir Claim – no decision yet.  IP has contacted David Chadwick’s boss to try to find out when this will be completed.  No reply to date.  IP had not been able to get in touch with local councillors but will keep trying.                                                                    IP

Buckhurst – Ongoing.


·         Social

9th Sept – Treasure Hunt (If any entries are received)

29th October Graham Steeden.                                       

November – Christmas meal at Pack Horse – pie & peas.

·         Any Other Business

Next Meeting

Tuesday, 25th September