February 2017

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Committee Meeting 21st February 2017

Present: Irene Pope

                 Lesley Tierney

                 Gill Morrell

                 Helen Moore

                 Heidi Jepson

                 Valerie Johnston


Apologies: Barbara Brown

                    Hayley Oliver


                    Pat Tough


Minutes of Previous Meeting


OK to publish on website


Matters Arising




Secretary’s Report


Secretary not present


Treasurer’s Report


All were given a copy of the year-end accounts to peruse ready for the AGM.


Officers for 2017


Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer stated that they were happy to carry on these roles in 2017 unless someone else on the committee would like to take over.




Rochdale Rights of Way


Helen Moore reported on the minutes of the previous Rochdale Rights of Way meeting .


Northdene Drive: there is a conflict of interest between local residents and horse riders over the use of the path linking Northdene Drive to the main Rochdale and Bury Road. RBBA is in the process of collecting user evidence forms prior to submitting a claim to have this path upgraded to bridleway status. No action to be taken until request for upgrade received and considered and future of the path resolved.


RUPP 7 near Healey Dell: This route has recently been refurbished by Rochdale Council. It now has a crushed stone surface, the water is directed to the sides  and there are shallow horse steps on the route. Thank you to Helen for causing this to happen.


Helen reported that the next Rochdale ROW meeting was next Thursday, 2nd March 2017.


The committee asked Helen to inquire about the progress of the Woodtop upgrade claim and  to report the need for remedial work on BW 48, Harwood Fields off Elbut Lane. Also to report that the step-over on Splash Lane from Ashworth Road needs repairing and a gate on Splash Lane is not horse rider friendly.            



The committee then considered a number of possible upgrades suggested by Gill Morrell.


Black Pitts Road behind Dexine to Paperhouse Bridge

War Memorial to Ashbourne Street (behind old Norden Library)

Quarry to Ashbourne Street/Furbarn Lane (where the tiger trap is)

Back of Moss Row to Paperhouse Bridge

Clay Lane to Fisherfield


It was decided to tackle these routes one at a time in the order shown above and ask members to fill in a form to say which routes they could provide user evidence for together with their contact details.


It was reported that BW 8 near Bagslate Moor Road has been resurfaced.


Residents using BW 9a near Taylor Park are complaining that the surface of the bridleway behind their houses is being churned up because horses are using the route after the refurbishment of the network in that area last year! Gill has visited the area and reported that the surface is in an acceptable state for horse use and not badly poached .











Bury Rights of Way


Elton Reservoir upgrade to bridleway claim. The investigation into the strength of this claim is coming to a conclusion and a decision is expected  in the near future.


Ainsworth bridleways: At the Local Access Forum meeting on 15th February 2017 Claims based on historical evidence and some user evidence were submitted for 6 routes to be upgraded to bridleway status in and around Ainsworth village to the west of Bury.


Heritage Trail: Plans for a proposed multi-user Heritage Trail to the west of Bury were submitted to the Local Access Forum on 15th February 2017. This trail is a circular route visiting Ainsworth village and Elton Reservoir and passing several sites of interest concerning Bury’s industrial past. The plan was well received has been passed on the Bury Council’s Head of Planning and Assistant Director.


East-west bridleway link: A possible bridleway link between areas to the west of Bury and those east of Bury has been identified from Gin Hall off Walmersley Road to Baldingstone on Walmersley Old Road. This area has been ear-marked for industrial development on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. If this development goes ahead we will pursue a possible bridleway route to provide the link, connecting with Rowlands Road (a by-way)to the west  and the routes around Buckhurst and Walmersley to the east.


Simister and Prestwich Bridleways Association


Hannah Knaggs, who has been secretary for 14 years, is resigning and this may precipitate the folding of Simister and Prestwich Bridleways Association.  We are proposing to offer amalgamation with RBBA if they wish so that the expertise in that area is not lost.





Barbara has organised North West Air Ambulance to come and talk to us at our March meeting on 27th. NWAA is our charity for the year.


Our April meeting on 24th will be a Members Forum.


It was decided to ask the membership what speakers could be suggested for other meetings this year.




An e-mail has been sent to Mark Weston, Director of Access at the BHS concerning the role of the BHS in the Scout Moor Wind Farm Expansion application and Public Inquiry, questioning the stance that they took.


Concessionary routes


Gwen Mann looks after the two concessionary routes. She has inspected the routes and says at present there is no necessity to change the locks.


 Greenbooth concession: the footpath on top of the cliff is dangerous and has been diverted onto our concessionary route. Fencing has been put up to separate walkers and horse riders in some places. A request has been made to put up signs along the route  to ask walkers to give way to horse and to ban cyclists.


Any Other Business


It was suggested that in matters of policy and financial expenditure that the results of a formal vote in committee  should be minuted. The suggestion was accepted by all.


It was noted that in July 2017 the BHS Access Team will be visiting the North West for an Access and Rights of Way Conference. It was decided to try and attend if venue and time were convenient.


Date and Time of next committee meeting


To be decided.

 Suggestions – 14th March, 21st March.