April 2017

posted 27 May 2017, 09:53 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 6 Jun 2017, 11:28 ]

Committee Meeting – 18th April 2017


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Heidi Jepson

                        Val Johnston

                        Irene Pope

                        Lesley Tierney

                        Pat Tough


Apologies:       Gill Morrell
                        Helen Moore

                        Hayley Oliver


·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes fine.  Can be published on website following amendments.       GM


·         Matters Arising

No matters arising.

·         Secretary’s Report

BB reported that we had 49 members so far this year.

·         Treasurer’s Report

No report.

·         Website

No report.

·         Rochdale Rights of Way  -

No update.

·         Bury Rights of Way

IP reported that the motorbike signs had still not been put up but they are in the system.

IP has found that the route of the bridleway through the chicken farm runs down the house side of the road where waggons are parking.  David Chadwick is looking into this.

Builders at Lowes Park want to temporarily close bridlepath number 37 in order to install gas and electricity.  A timescale needs to be included.

Route around Chesham Woods – need to ask at the next meeting for anyone interested in this to fill in an evidence form.

IP had asked Simister & Prestwich Bridleways if they want to join us.  BB and PT felt that would make our area too big.  PT suggested having a vote.  It was agreed to wait and see what happened at their AGM on 19th April.

·         Social

24th April                - Members Forum
22nd May               - Equine First Aid – Simon Constable
21st August            - Quiz
25th September.    - Chiropractor
30th October          - Forum

BB to arrange a treasure hunt ride to raise money for air ambulance.

·         Next Meeting

Tuesday, 16th May at the Pack Horse.