October 2016

posted 27 May 2017, 09:40 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 27th October 2016


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Val Johnston

                        Helen Moore

                        Gill Morrell

                        Hayley Oliver

                        Irene Pope

                        Lesley Tierney

                        Pat Tough


Apologies:       Heidi Jepson


·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Change to read Debbie Bachelor is Vice-Chairman of BHS Lancashire and is interested in following it up.  They can then go on the website.                                              BB.GM

·         Matters Arising


·         Secretary’s Report

It was agreed to give Ellen Shaw Honorary Life Membership for all the help she has given us.

·         Treasurer’s Report

We are currently £671.33 up on last year and have approximately £6,000 in the bank.  We will probably have to spend some as the deregulation bill comes into effect in 2017 to make the upgrade process easier and there will be a £200 charge.

·         Website

74 hits during the month, 2 Australia, 2 USA, 1 New Zealand, 68 UK including 10 in Manchester, 5 Rochdale, 3 Oldham, 4 Bury, plus Edinburgh, Birmingham, Tenby and Maindenhead.

·         Rochdale Rights of Way  -

Issues to take to follow up at next meeting are:

Prickshaw, water damage has been reported.
The ginnell from Northdene Drive to Bury Road – get evidence forms ready for Monday.  BB
Woodtop, IP has the name of the enforcement officer dealing with this.

·         Bury Rights of Way

Upgrade round Elton – two people have objected, however, there are two bridleways and two footpaths leading to an un-named road and sgtart at footpath 109 but it hasn’t existed since 1969.  The ladies have to prove “lack of dedication”.

City Park proposal around Bury, Bolton and Salford – ways for horses to be considered.

There is a proposal for building on greenbelt land at Simister, Whitefield and Trafford Park.

·         Windfarms

IP reported that the Public Inquiry was extended by two days and the BHS supported the extension to the windfarm.

·         Social

31st October – Members Forum
Presentation on how to access the definitive maps online and the use of ROW Maps website.  Also how to fill in an evidence form and what the Inspector is looking for.

28th November – Xmas Meal

·         Any Other Business


·         Next Meeting

24th November at Helen’s – 1 Smallshaw Road, Lane Head.