November 2016

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Committee Meeting – 24th November 2016

Present: Heidi Jepson

                Val Johnston

                Helen Moore

                 Gill Morrell

                 Hayley Oliver

                 Irene Pope

                 Lesley Tierney

                 Pat Tough


Apologies: Barbara Brown



·         Minutes of Previous Meeting


                 OK to publish on website                                                                                                     GM


·         Matters Arising


City of Trees proposal: an e-mail has been sent Tony Hothersall of City of Trees expressing an interest in taking part in discussions about the proposal with a view to including horse riding routes .


Greater Manchester Spatial Framework: Public consultation events are taking place. Irene went to see the one in Bury at The Elizabethan Suite on Monday 21st November 2016 and collected some information sheets about the areas in which equestrian activity is likely to be impacted. We propose to write in and express a wish that equestrian matters be considered, existing routes be protected and new routs created within any dvelopments.         IP/LT


There was a meeting in Bamford on the same day about proposals in Bamford.


The meeting is to discuss the following:
The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF).
A Neighbourhood Plan.
The re-forming of the Bamford Green Belt Action Group.

In layman’s terms: The GMSF is an ambitious plan to bring economic growth and to establish new homes, businesses, jobs and green spaces across the city region over the next 20 years.
Part of that plan will involve the building of 750 homes on Green Belt land in Bamford/Norden
which is owned by Peel Holdings.

Contact: Anne Shorrock (Chair of the Action Group)  01706 621087


·         Secretary’s Report


Secretary not present

·         Treasurer’s Report


No change


·         Website


234 sessions; 54 from Russia, 25 from Germany, 25 from Italy, 19 from Austria, 8 from Saudi Arabia, 4 from USA, 2 from Japan, 1 from India.


It was proposed that 2 people should be involved in posting on Facebook and up-dating the website in case one person was unavailable eg on holiday.


Facebook: Heidi volunteered to help Barbara.

Website: Irene will help Gill when Gill has time to instruct her into the mysteries of the website.



·         Rochdale Rights of Way


Northdene Drive: Evidence forms were distributed to members at the October meeting to be returned at the 2017 AGM in February.


Black Pitts Road: Work on the chimney adjacent to Black Pitts Road has resulted in riders having problems using Black Pitts Road to get from the Paperhouse river crossing to the main road. It has been decided to collect evidence forms and seek a creation order for a bridleway along this route.


Rainshore: This week Gen Mann noticed that the developers building the houses at Rainshore had opened up and access route onto the bridleway that passes the site. Action is being taken to remedy this situation as it is feared that the surface of the bridleway will be damaged and local residents will then seek to tarmac the route.


Rochdale Rights of Way Meeting: Helen Moore has kindly taken on the role of our representative at this meeting which happens approximately every 3 months. At the meeting in November 2016 Helen informed the Council of our action to seek an up-grade for Northdene Drive using evidence forms (see above)


Helen also requested information about our claim for a bridleway up-grade along Woodtop. No information was given on the latter as the Officer dealing with the claim was not present at the meeting. It was decided that prior to each meeting we should inform the Council of information we would like to be given at the meeting so they can come prepared.


We were informed that Rochdale are going to appoint a dedicated Rights of Way Officer at last and we were pleased to learn that Julie Simpson’s name had been mentioned for this job.


Helen reported to Tia who works for United Utilities that a gate on the concessionary route around Greenbooth Reservoir is difficult to manage.







·         Bury Rights of Way


Following a recent serious encounter between a horse rider and buggies on a bridleway in Bury it was decided to ask the Council to put up Section 56 notices on the bridleways. As the Council have pleaded poverty RBBA have offered to buy the signs if the Council put them up. These signs act as a warning so that if the police find people illegally riding motorbikes, quad bikes and buggies on bridleways they can confiscate the vehicles. Hopefully these signs will make it safer for horse riders in the area.


Many bridleways in the area are not properly signposted so car /van drivers do not realise the status of the route they are using. We have asked Bury Council to way mark bridleway routes and this has started in the Walmersley area.


“The Drains”, Bridleway 206 between Birtle and Buckhurst, has been damaged by the recent rainfall and the membrane is showing through in some places. We propose to see if it is possible for RBBA to get a contractor to re-distribute the stones which have been washed out of place and try and re-divert the offending flow of water so try to prolong the life of the surface. Many thousands of pounds were spent by Lancashire County Council in 2008 to install the current surface.


·         Social


28th November 2016: Xmas meal at the Pack Horse



30th January 2017: Talk on riding and road safety given by Greater Manchester Mounted Police

                                 Officers in conjunction with the BHS.


27th February 2017: AGM


·         Committee Meetings


It is proposed that committee meetings are held at the Pack Horse, subject to Carol’s agreement.


Provisional date for next committee meeting: 26th January 2017