August 2016

posted 23 Nov 2016, 11:13 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

   Committee Meeting – 25th August 2016


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Heidi Jepson

                        Val Johnston

                        Gill Morrell

                        Irene Pope

                        Pat Tough

Apologies:       Helen Moore

                        Joanna Smith

                        Lesley Tierney




·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Ok to issue after changing date of next meeting.                                                                        BB

·         Matters Arising


·         Secretary’s Report

81 members, 662 likes.
BB had a copy of a write up on the Rights and Responsibilities riding on roads talk.  Put on website and Facebook, if possible.                                                                   BB/GM 

·         Treasurer’s Report

No report but balance back to about £4,500.

·         Website  

No report due to lack of time.

·         Rochdale Rights of Way  - Helen was attending meeting tonight.

Woodtop – Evidence forms have been sent to the Council for the attention of Mark Widdop, Head of Environmental Services by Registered Post.  Special Delivery cost £7.68 and postage was £8.55.  GM to send email confirming that 6 Wolstenholme Fold (Mr & Mrs Morris) had had notification via RBBA email.                                 GM

Red Lumb concession through Angie Collinge’s.  PT to arrange a site visit with EM and Gwen.                                                                                                                 PT

IP confirmed that a donation of £50 had been given to Sue Hogg, South Pennine Pack Horse Trails Trust as a thank you for her help with historical claims.

·         Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Forum

IP reported that the launch day on 14th August had been a good day.  Rochdale’s Mayor had asked us to get a nomination for the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.           IP

·         Bury Rights of Way

Document for Ainsworth Village completed approximately 300 pages for 6 bridleways making up a heritage trail which highlights places of historical interest.

There is a list of modification orders on Bury Council’s website and the Elton one is on there awaiting action.

Picture of the gateway to go on Facebook page – BB to get it off Ainsworth Riders page.

IP has now started looking into possible routes in the Tottington area.


·         Windfarms

IP gave an update on the windfarm..

·         Social

26th September     - Quiz Night
31st October – Members Forum
28th November – Xmas Meal

·         Any Other Business

·         Next Meeting

21st September at Irene’s.