April 2016

posted 23 Nov 2016, 11:09 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 14th April 2016


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Emma Metcalfe

                        Gill Morrell

                        Helen Moore

                        Karen Morgan

                        Heidi Jepson

                        Val Johnston

                        Gwen Mann (Part)

                        Karen Morgan

                        Bev O’Connor

                        Irene Pope

                        Joanna Smith

                        Lesley Tierney

                        Pat Tough

Apologies:       Hayley Oliver


·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Bury ROW Elton Reservoir change to read that a new surface has been put down which is uncomfortable to walk on and is totally inappropriate.  Then they can be published on website.                                                                                                          GM

·         Matters Arising

GM reported that Taylor Park bridleway will have an official opening on 23rd April and hoped that some riders would attend.

·         Secretary’s Report

Barbara reported that we now had 64 members paid and 612 likes on the Facebook page.  Someone had reported to BB riders in Norden village with a dog running loose.  It was agreed that we couldn’t really do anything about it and hope that the people who see them say something to them.

·         Treasurer’s Report

Norden Agricultural need paying for work done on Taylor Park bridleway and the invoices have been sent to the Council.

·         Website  

126 hits during the month with 9 from USA, 6 Bangladesh, 1 Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan and Russia.


·         Rochdale Rights of Way

Gwen attended the meeting to give an update on Ashworth Concessionary.  There is a new route marked with orange posts.  Tia from United Utilities will attend the next meeting at the Pack Horse to explain the changes.  A different lock is to be installed on the gate on Ashworth Road and will be changed once per year.  BB to put on Facebook to try to get as many people at the meeting on 25th April as possible.                                    BB

BB reported that she had contacted the council about the gates on Shawfield Stones being impossible to open/close on horseback.  This to be raised at the Rochdale ROW meeting.                                                                                                          BO’C

Castleton Lanes (Racetrack) – BO’C had met with the Rights of Way Officer and will keep following up.  She has walked the track with the landowners and agreed to ask the Council if they will dedicate fp64 between Bw63 and Bolton Road.  There is a stile on RUPP15 where it joins Bw65 so horses cannot access the northern end which runs into Fp144.  We need access through to Bw63.                                                        BO’C

Bw67 has a break in the middle joined by Fp19 and 17.  Can we get the landowner to dedicate Fp144?                                                                                                   BO’C

Bw18 (Overtown Lane).  Someone wants it tarmacked.  A sign marking it as a bridleway need installing before the houses are built.  Raise at ROW meeting                  BO’C

The lock on the bridleway near Billy Lords at Red Lumb needs removing.

The gates at Lea Holme need handles on and the gate near the road is dangerous.  If anyone gets injured they need to sue the Council.

Woodtop – ongoing.  Currently collecting evidence forms.  Bev and Helen have left forms at livery yards in the area.

·         Bury Rights of Way

LT/IP/VJ are going to meet with David Chadwick to discuss the Bury Bridleway Strategy which will hopefully lead to more bridleways in Bury.

Buckhurst – ongoing, no update.

Chicken Farm – clearing out time is imminent so it will be interesting to see what measures are taken by the landowner.

Ainsworth – There was a recent incident where a horse had to jump on to a banking because a lorry came too fast.  Going to try to get Council to put some signs up.  There are 221 horses in quarter of a mile and LT is going to attend a community meeting to make them aware of this.

Ainsworth Riders Facebook Page has 200 Likes.


·         Windfarms

Irene attended a Scout Moor Extension pre inquiry meeting and she asked if we were happy for her to represent us as a Committee.  She can’t say it’s all the Association as other members may be in favour of it.  All new Committee Members agreed.  Agreed.

There is a protest walk to Waugh Well on 29th May meet either 9.30 at Waterfoot or 11.00 at Catley Lane Head.

The Public Inquiry is on Tuesday 11th October at Futures Park in Bacup.

·         Social

25th April                –  Members’ Forum – information evening. Evidence Forms
25th June               -  To be arranged.  Suggestions welcome.

HO has arranged for Natalie Fizio an Equine Palates practitioner to come to our July meeting.

·         Any Other Business

Gill confirmed that it was the Harriers Race weekend in Norden on 12th/13th June, which is also Carnival Weekend.

BHS Northern Access Conference is at Scotch Corner on 12th June should anyone wish to attend.  Gill said she had been to one previously and it was very informative.

·         Next Meeting

19th May 2016 at Emma’s