October 2015

posted 24 Mar 2016, 07:01 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 22nd October 2015


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Emma Metcalfe

                        Gill Morrell

                        Val Johnston

                        Irene Pope

                        Joan Snowdon

                        Lesley Tierney

Apologies:       Gwen Mann



·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes can be posted to website.                                                           GM

·         Matters Arising


·         Secretary’s Report

3 New members – 63 in total.
Facebook page has 350 “Likes.

·         Treasurer’s Report

Balance of £5597.45 in the bank, plus the new membership fees above. 

·         Website  

No report

·         Rochdale Rights of Way

GM and JS went to ROW meeting.
Nothing done on the ramblers path survey.
No response to our queries, GM been to see Jim Gartside about Rainshore and the ROW officer has been up to look.  The cabin has now been moved.
Key problem at Ashworth has been resolved.

As we have money on account with Clive Houghton, Gill M to arrange to get a quote for Taylor Park bridleway.                                                                                          GM

·         Bury Rights of Way

IP has spoken to Robin Carr, there are no laws about higher rights.
Buckhurst – notices had gone up at either end on 21st August notice up at Nangreaves end but nothing at the other end.  IP has taken photos of notices and where they had been removed.  Ongoing.
IP and LT attended Local Access Forum, bridleway strategy has been handed in.
Ainsworth Loop – Chris Wilkinson has suggested a route at side of old railway.  We are getting lots of help from Bury Council.
Kingfisher Trail has fallen into disrepair but being renovated.  It is going along Irwell Valley to Jumbles.
Sillinghurst Farm – IP going to ask for permission to go round the buildings when activities are taking place.  IP will contact David Chadwick to approach the landowner.

·         Windfarms

Coronation Power – appeal on hold until end October.

Peel Holdings – Scout Moor extension.  Irene gave an update on this.  May be called in by Secretary of State.

New wind turbine at Gatehouse Farm, write to remind contractors that it is a bridleway and to be aware of horses.

·         Social

26th October – Judith Halstead – Equine Touch
30th November – Xmas Meal
25th January – AGM
29th February – pasture management
March – scrap – Easter Weekend
May – miss May – bank holiday weekend

·         Any Other Business

Gill thought the discussion which took place at the last meeting at the Pack Horse about the windfarm should have been conducted at a committee meeting and not in front of all the members.  Everyone  agreed.

·         Next Meeting

to be arranged in January.