March 2015

posted 24 Mar 2016, 06:50 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 26th March 2015


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Gwen Mann

                        Emma Metcalfe

                        Gill Morrell

                        Val Johnston

                        Irene Pope

                        Joan Snowdon

                        Lesley Tierney

                        Pat Tough

Apologies:       Lucy Rylands


·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting needs Fordon changing to Gordon.  Can then be posted to website.

·         Matters Arising

IP had emailed councillor for Edenfield but had not received a response.

There is no bridleway sign pointing the way to the Tea Gardens at the bird sanctuary end.  BB to contact council through their website.                                BB

Horse handle has now been fitted to the gate at Dairyhouse Farm.

Gwen has got a letter from Gill Ridings handing over ownership of the upgrade of Roods Lane.

·         Secretary’s Report

BB reported that so far we had 50 members.  Our Facebook page has reached 250 likes.

·         Treasurer’s Report

Gill had received a bill for £286,40 for the work carried out at Rough Lea.  Recent expenditure on keys, keyrings and signs.  We have £5,500 in the bank.

·         Website  

120 hits each hit spending 2 minutes on average.  4 USA, 2 Poland, 1 Brazil, 1 Canada, 1 China, 1 Indonesia, 1 New Zealand and 1 Russia.

·         Rochdale Rights of Way

Next Rochdale ROW meeting is in April.  Gwen/Joan couldn’t attend the recent Norden forum.  Nigel M to arrange a litter pick.

IP has got another name for Rochdale Rights of Way and will email it to Gwen.

The footpath sign at Broadhalgh has now been changed to Bridleway sign.

·         Bury Rights of Way

Ainsworth/Elton Loop – Ongoing.

Buckhurst – two claims have gone in, past the school and through farm up to Nangreaves.  These have been agreed at a meeting on 8th January.  Notices need to be posted for six weeks to allow for objections and then it will probably go to a public inquiry.  IP has tried to contact one of the landowners but he won’t speak to her. 

More “No horses” signs have gone up.

The second claim is Gindles Lane and across to Croston Close Road.  The owners for part of it are unknown.  There are two mistakes in the letters sent from the council.  IP will ask Chris Peat if they have been followed up.                              IP

IP wants to get some evidence collected for the lane near her in case there is a problem in the future.

·         Winfarms

Coronation Power – no decision to be made until after the election.  IP attending a meeting tomorrow.

Peel Planning has gone in in the last two weeks.  IP only worried about two turbines.


March – Forum meeting

April – possibly side-saddle – Gill Morrell to follow up or PT will do a talk on Team of 3.  Will go to Irene’s to see if her pictures will work on screen.

Cancel May meeting.

·         Any Other Business

JS still to get a quote for the bridleway up the side of the golf course which is overgrown now that there is no way to get through Taylor Park.  JS

Gwen reported she is still waiting to see some members insurance.

Gill Morrell reported a blockage at  Caldershaw

Arrange RBBA litter pick when the weather gets better.

BB to email all members to remind them to bring their insurance documents before they can go through concessionary routes.

Gill has given signs to Dr Tudor.

·         Next Meeting

23rd April 2015 - .8.00 pm at Emma’s.

Next Meeting – 12th February at 8.00 pm at Gill’s.

Apologies from Emma.