February 2014

posted 7 Apr 2014, 11:46 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 10 Apr 2014, 11:15 ]

Committee Meeting – 13th February 2014


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Val Johnston

Emma Metcalfe
            Gill Morrell

                        Irene Pope

                        Joan Snowdon

                        Lesley Tierney

                        June Timperley

                        Margaret Varley


                        Hayley Oliver (part)


Apologies:       Gwen Mann



Hayley Oliver joined us at the start of the meeting to outline the concerns Lane Head based riders have about Coronation Power’s plans to put 17 windmills on Rooley Moor.  She is going to get evidence forms filled in for various tracks over the moors which have been ridden for years.  Once the extent of the plans are known we will be in a better position to help.


·         Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed.  GM to post onto website   GM

·         Matters Arising

We can’t do the work planned at the back of Lea Holme, use the money to do the track away from Emma Metcalfe’s instead.  Gwen to speak to Tia from United Utilities.  Barbara to speak to Roger to get Clive to take a look at it.  The cost must be the same.

·         Secretary’s Report

We have 54 members so far this year which is a massive improvement on previous years.  £575 in membership fees so far.  We also have 120 members of our Facebook Group.
BB to send out the rules of riding in the concessionaries as a reminder. BB

·         Treasurer’s Report

Only differences since AGM are £575 in membership and £45 out for sandwiches and £6 out for stamps.

·         Website  

166 hits.  International 6 Brazil, 3 USA, 2 Nigeria, 2 Argentina, 1 Chile and 2 from the Netherlands.

·         Rochdale Rights of Way

Nothing to report.


BB to follow up signs for Heap Road and Lea Holme and copy Jim Gartside in email.

IP reported that Marilyn Jackson had the evidence for the path down the side of Plumpton Hall but is reluctant to submit it because the house is for sale and doesn’t want to jeopardise anything for the them.

·         Bury Rights of Way

Looks like Lancashire Council have started looking at the Buckhurst issue as Chris Peat had received an email from them.

The bridge at Prettywood has been lost as there were no bridleways available to link up.

There is a fence across a bridleway at Broadoak (Cuckoo Lane) and the gap left is not wide enough for horses.

No progress on Lowes Farm.

Bury Local Access Forum,  IP is going to go for a path at Elton Reservoir.

IP and LT outlined their plans for getting paths open in Ainsworth.  BB to copy evidence forms and maps.                                                                       BB

·         Social

February meeting – Heather Hardy.  JT to check that she has been contacted.

Joan to try and get someone to talk about pasture management at March meeting.  VJ to ask Jennifer Greenhalgh if she knows anyone.

April – Open Forum
May – (Emma to arrange fire service or endurance rider)
June – Alpenhorn
July – (Emma fire service or endurance rider)
August – Quiz
September – Forum
October – Racehorse Rehabilitation
November – end of year party – buffet/raffle (add a bit on price for raffle)

Trip to Southport – 6th April.  Transport £60 per horse.

Next Meeting – 20th March 2014 – at Emma’s (Rough Lea Farm)