September 2012

posted 23 Nov 2012, 12:23 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 20th September 2012


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Val Johnston

                        Chris Mee

                        Roger Mee

                        Gwen Mann

                        Janet O’Connor

                        Irene Pope

                        Gill Ridings

                        Pat Tough


Apologies:       Gill Morrell

Joan Snowdon

Barbara arrived late and passed on apologies.  Minutes started to be taken part way through point 3.


1.    Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed GM to post onto website.    GM

2.    Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

3.    Rochdale Rights of Way

- Wolstenholme Lane
.  GR to investigate what the previous status of this path was and get some historical evidence.  A discussion about upgrade of Wolstenholme Lane took place and GR will obtain map references and current status, etc.

- Millcroft.  Rubber matting has been put across half of the grids and as far as we know no-one is having a problem.  BB to get in touch with Karen Dutton and get her to contact Nick Ball to get it signed off as satisfactory.

- Broadhalgh.  RMee has cleared brambles along the bridlepath where it was blocked by a holly bush, the bush has now been removed.  He has also cleared the path behind Bamford Academy.

The next Rights of Way meeting is on 2nd October at 7.00 pm at the Town Hall.  Gwen and Joan will attend.

4.    Bury Rights of Way

- Dunham.  Will be finished by the beginning of next week.
On completion we need to arrange a celebration ride.  IP to arrange and invite walkers and cyclists.  Suggested start at Birtle Riding Centre and try to include a disabled rider.  Local press to be invited alongwith Paul France\Stephen & Tracy Robinson\Carol & John from the Pack Horse\Tony Lund LCC\LEF and Chris Peat from the BHS.

- LEF Annual Event.  IP attended and brought literature which gave details of where donations where given.

IP to send a thank you letter to Mr Tyrer.  BB to send letter head to IP.

-Drains.  A ditch needs digging out on the drains.  Groundwork have been asked to carry out the work.                                                                            DONE

-Bury Rights of Way Meeting.  Was cancelled.  Next meeting is January.

- Bridleway 37.  All work done by Electricity Board but the path is in a sorry state.

Lesley Tierney has visited Irene and copied the definitive map.  She is going to draw routes on the maps.  She will take it to the next Bury ROW meeting.  IP advised her to get in touch with David Chadwick.

Birtle Trust have asked for support to get the road re-surfaced.  IP to write to councillors on behalf of the Bridleways Association.

Following the resurfacing of Bridleway 34 in July/August and planning permission being sought after the event IP wanted to know what our procedure would be if something like this happened that did have a big impact on the horse community.  It was agreed that a quorum could make any decisions.  Should include Secretary and Chairman or Vice Chairman.  This needs to be added to the constitution.                                                                                                    BB

- Harwood Fields.  This route is in a disgusting state.  IP’s next project.  She is going to contact Clive Haughton to survey it.  IP will do fund raiser.  IP to contact Nick Ball regarding any work being undertaken and also contact Stephen Robinson     IP


5.    Secretary’s Report

No report, due to late arrival.

6.    Treasurer’s Report

No update. 

7.    Website report

No Report

8.    Social Calendar

September – Worm Counts (Mary Lennon)
October – Open Forum
November – Shopping at Naylors
December – Xmas meal at Pack Horse.  It was agreed to go for the £22 menu which the Pack Horse will give us for £20,

9.     Any Other Business

Gwen has spoken with United Utilities and they now have a quote for putting in an Irish Bridge on the Ashworth Concessionary.  It is for just over £5000.  She asked if we could put half the money up.  It was agreed to donate £2,500 to this as it benefits members in Rochdale and Bury areas.  BB to email Ann Metcalfe to see if we can use her £250 township money for this project.                                                                              BB

RMee suggested committee format for the AGM and asked if everyone wanted to continue.  Gwen doesn’t want to be Chairman.

Proposed Committee:

Chairman:   Roger
Secretary    Barbara
Treasurer     Gill Morrell
Social         Gill Ridings
R ROW       Gwen
B ROW       Irene/Val
+ 4 members:          Joan/Pat (+ 2)

The committee format needs to be included in the Constitution.                                 BB

Barbara had got prices for calendars.  Small desk calendars was £125.00.  Large wall calendars were £350 (both for 50).  Go ahead with desk calendars.  IP to send photos to BB.                                                                                                                       IP

10.  Next Meeting  - Thursday 25th October at 8.00 pm at Chris & Roger’s.